How to Flirt with a Libra Man

I had a crush on a Libra man and I really wanted to date him. I thought that it would be great if I asked him out. Sadly, I did not know how to flirt with a Libra man.

I knew I had to do something quickly. Otherwise, I would put myself in misery, knowing that I had missed out on the opportunity to ask the guy of my dreams out.

Learn the Art of Flirtation

How to Flirt with a Libra Man

Flirtation is an art and a social tool that you can use to gain friends and romantic partners, according to Scientific American. However, it can be quite difficult to master because it comes with certain challenges. This is especially true with Libra men since it can be hard to pinpoint if they are truly interested or not.

Nevertheless, it is totally possible to learn how to flirt with a Libra man if you plan and execute your moves carefully. If you become successful at flirting, you will be able to establish a strong connection with your target. You will be able to keep his interest until you are able to execute your next moves.

What Is a Libra Man Like?

Libra men are fun and sociable. They have lots of friends and are frequently the life of the party. For some people, they may also come off as uncommitted and shallow. Nevertheless, even though they seem to befriend a lot of people, particularly females, they are relationship focused. So, once you bag a Libra man, you can expect him to be all over you!

It is not difficult to fall in love with a Libra man. After all, he is charming, romantic, and exciting. He also treats his partner equally, so you will never feel submissive. In fact, he may even put you on a pedestal, always attending to your needs and putting you first.

So, how can you capture the eyes and heart of a Libra man?

Be Interesting

Libra men appreciate intelligent women. They want to talk to someone who makes sense and can challenge them on an intellectual level. So, you should show your intellect and confidence by engaging in a light debate, just like lovetoknow suggests. Just be careful not to turn it into a direct confrontation or conflict.

When discussing a particular topic or subject, make sure that you stay objective. Be casual and calm. Do not allow your emotions to overcome you. Remember that Libra men do not like conflict. If your debate suddenly becomes emotionally charged, he may get turned off.

Dress Well says that men, in general, like women who dress well and accentuate their best physical assets. They are visual creatures, so you can expect to get their attention simply by looking gorgeous.

The Libra sign is actually ruled by Venus. So, it is not surprising that Libra men are drawn to beautiful women and nice things. If you want to get closer to a Libra man, he has to be pleased with your appearance. After all, how else can you strike up a conversation if you are not able to get his attention in the first place?

Accentuate your facial features by wearing makeup. Flaunt your curves by wearing a nice dress. Wear jewelry and perfume. Libra men exert an effort in making themselves look presentable. So, you should also look beautiful.

Be Slightly Aloof

Sharing your own thoughts, ideas, and experiences with a Libra man is great; but you should not give him all the information. Keep some to yourself. This way, you will exude mystery and he will be hooked.

An elusive and mysterious girl can capture a Libra man’s attention, says Love Devani. So, you should make him want to learn more about you. Make him curious enough to want to see you again.

Be a Little Naughty

Even though Libra men tend to be conservative in the eyes of the public, they are actually quite naughty. So, you should also show some naughtiness to entice him. Try doing something extraordinary and a bit rebellious, suggests professional astrologer Cynthia Thinnes.

Appreciate His Romantic Gestures

Libra men like romance, says lovetoknow. They like to shower their girlfriend with gifts and set up romantic scenarios. They tend to open the door and pull out a chair for their date. You will surely make a Libra man happy if you show appreciation towards his romantic gestures.

Discuss His Flirting

Because Libra men are sociable, they may also flirt around with other women. Of course, if this bothers you, you should not hesitate to talk to him about it. says that this is necessary if you want to build a long term relationship with him.

Getting angry, jealous, and dramatic can turn him off. So, you should remain calm and logical. Talk to him about his flirting objectively. Try to set some ground rules. Although it can be difficult to make Libra men stop being social and flirtatious, it is not impossible.

Encourage Him to Be Direct with You

According to Luvze, Libra men can be indecisive. That’s why they prefer women who are direct rather than coy. They especially dislike it when women play hard to get and do not make an effort to get his attention.

So, if you are interested in a Libra man, you should show him just that. Give him clear signs so that he will be encouraged to reciprocate your flirting.


Being in a relationship with a Libra man truly sounds great. But how can you make him date you, more so notice you?

The key is knowing his personality well. Once you figure out what a Libra man is like, it will be much easier for you to devise strategies on how to successfully flirt with him.

Remember that Libra men tend to be as romantic as Romeo, but they can also be like ghosts that disappear in an instant. So, you really have to play your cards right. If you are successful, you may even get him to commit.

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