How to Keep a Libra Man

You are smitten with a charming Libra man, aren’t you?

No stress! It is completely understandable, for Libra men are affectionate and romantic lovers. It is really hard to look away and keep yourself from falling.

Before you get to keep him in your life, you must be able to make him fall completely in love with you.

But yes, making somebody love you in a romantic way is not just a walk in the park; it could actually be a run. I have been through failed relationships already so I completely understand where you are coming from. It sucks to not be the right person. It hurts to not be enough.

Do not worry, though! Here are ways that I find really helpful in keeping a Libra man.

Independence Is Winning

How to Keep a Libra Man

Being independent is a must. This is on top of every Libra man’s list of the things they look for in a girl. To a Libra man, independence is synonymous to beauty.

Being independent is the number one thing a Libra man would like to see in a woman. He wants someone who can take care of herself without having to ask for assistance from somebody, someone who can carry herself very well even without a helping hand.

Do not be so clingy and needy. Your clinginess could push away your Libra man.

One of the reasons why a Libra man fancies independent women is because he craves for quiet space from time to time. It is also one way to make him miss you and realize that it is better with you around.

Confidence without Being Arrogant

Because a Libra man is both a bit arrogant and neutral, it would be the best for him to have a lover who is considerate and well-grounded. Since he often comes off as egotistical and proud, he needs you to be confident yet humble to balance it all out.

Show him that you are determined and persistent in everything you do. Show him that you believe in yourself the most and you do not care about what irrelevant people have to say and think about you.

Have enough self-worth.

Honest and Open with Your Thoughts

A Libra man is open and straightforward, and he expects you to be the same. To understand each other better, make it a goal to be more open with your thoughts. Do not make him guess.

When you are agitated or uncomfortable, let him know. He does not have all the time in the world to play and guess what you are feeling at the moment.

Use words with actions. Words without actions and actions without words are just the same. They both could lead to misunderstandings.

Compliments and Sweetness

A Libra man loves to receive compliments that make him feel appreciated. Always pay attention to his good traits and tell him all the good things you see in him. Tell him how much he really means to you, how handsome he looks in your eyes, and how fast he makes your heart beat.

Show a little sweetness by doing things you do not usually do. Make him some coffee or give him a nice back massage.

Loves and Is Loved

This is essential. Love is a strong force that should not be taken lightly. Love can really help you keep your Libra man for all eternity.

It is important that you love each other with the same intensity. It will most certainly not work if one of you could not reciprocate the love that the other one continues to give. To keep the torch of your love burning, you may follow the following tips:

Make Every Situation with Him Fun and Joyful

A Libra man loves to have some fun once in a while. Show him that you are a fun-loving person as well. Play a song and encourage him to dance with you in a crazy but fun way.

Let Him Know More About Your Personal Life

When a Libra man is smitten with you, he will do his best to learn all about you. Allow him. Tell him more about your personal life. Tell him your favorites and aspirations in life. Let him know you on a deeper level.

Do Not Pressure Him

A Libra man is already passionate and straightforward. You will no longer have to ask for attention and affection. He will gladly give it to you and let it and him be enough.

Dress Nicely

A Libra man loves fashion. He has a strong fashion sense so you can definitely catch his attention by wearing elegant dresses. Dress nicely if you want to impress, but do not use flashy and colorful outfits.

Always be Kind

A Libra man likes people with a good heart. Show him that you are nice not only to him but to everyone. This will make your Libra man fall harder. But more than that, being kind is a must in this cruel world.

Positive, Loyal and True

This is a no-brainer. You must always have these things in you; positivity, loyalty, and sincerity. These are the qualities that will really make your Libra man stay with you.

A Libra man is often a positive thinker. Do not dismiss this trait of him by contradicting his positive claims.

Stay loyal to him if you want him to do the same. Do not put yourself in tempting situations that you know could upset your Libra man.

Finally, always be true. Pretentions will not do you good.

He’s not Without Risks

Tomorrow is not promised. The moment you decided to push ahead with what you and your Libra man have, you have already put yourself in such a place where you have become a subject of potential pain and emotional turmoil.

You should have prepared yourself for the risk of getting hurt. So when things get a little blurry, you would not get overwhelmed and just opt to walk away. 

Balance in All Things

Understand that a Libra man is a firm believer of having to keep everything n balance. This is why it takes a lot harder for him to decide upon things. He tends to be indecisive as he wants to weigh all the options before coming up with a decision. You might find this trait of him a little off but this could also be a good thing for his decisions are always well-thought of.


Working it out with a Libra man may not be that easy. But with the guidance of astrology, you could definitely make it last forever.

Follow these tips and enjoy a healthy relationship with the Libra man of your dreams.

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