How to Make A Libra Man Fall in Love with You

How to Make A Libra Man Fall in Love with You

You are smitten with a Libra man. However, you are not sure whether he likes you back or not.

Good news for you, I can help you with that. To be honest, I had once put myself in the same dilemma. I wish I knew better and I wish I already knew then all these tips I am going to tell you.

Be Confident

A confident woman easily captures the attention of a Libra man. He finds it impressive in a woman to be confident yet humble. Believe in yourself more than anyone else. You will be able to do it if you are completely accepting of who you are as a person.

With confidence comes independence. An independent woman easily captures the heart of a Libra man. He likes a girl who is fine with being on her own, who does not need a helping hand in anything. Be that girl. Be independent. Besides, being independent will help you deal with life in general. Show him that you can take care of yourself. Show him the things you can do and he will be totally impressed.

Be Spontaneous

A Libra man has a heart for fun experiences. He is a social butterfly and would love to be with a person who enjoys going out and interacting with people from time to time as well. Show him you are easy-going and that you enjoy time with people. Accompany him in social events and make friends. Try getting out of your comfort zone and do things you do not normally do.

Compliment Him

How to Make A Libra Man Fall in Love with You - Compliment Him

If you have been relying on astrology for a long time now, you would know that Libras are quite narcissistic. A Libra man loves to receive compliments often. It makes him feel appreciated and valued. He is a generous giver of compliments himself so there is no way you will find it hard to say nice things about him. Tell him how you appreciate all the nice things he continues to do for you, compliment his fashion sense, or tell him how nice he smells all the time.

Dress Elegant

One noticeable trait of a Libra man is his strong sense of fashion. You can get his attention by dressing elegantly.

Wear Light Colors

A Libra man prefers light and soft colors over dark and overwhelming ones. Make sure that even if bright colors seem to overpower your light-colored dress, you still get to distract your Libra man in a good way by how you are wearing it and how you are carrying yourself.

Accentuate Your Best Features

A Libra man does not have a particular preference when it comes to body shape and size. What really counts is the way you are able to showcase your good features. Choose a dress that magnifies your beauty. You must also remember that confidence is the best accessory.

Wear Feminine Styles

A lacey dress could do the magic for you for your Libra man loves to see girls in feminine styles. Do not wear rough and over-the-top fabrics.

Make A Libra Man Chase You

Even though you do not want to push him away, you should at least make him chase you a little at the beginning. After you have successfully caught his attention with your physique and communication skills, it is now time to put a limit on what he is doing with and for you. Make him feel that he is chasing you and not the other way around.

Be Mysterious

Do not give away all your personal details. Make him feel that there is a lot more to discover about you.

Surprise Him

How to Make A Libra Man Fall in Love with You - Surprise Him

The element of surprise never fails. Learn more about his favorite things and hobbies and surprise him with them. Your Libra man will definitely be happy.

Below are surprise ideas that will definitely make the heart of your Libra man jump with joy.

Give Him One of His Favorite Things as a Gift

A Libra man loves music very much. This fact easily gives you an idea about what to get him. It is probable that he likes all types of music. However, he is least happy with loud sounds and is most likely happiest with jazz and classical music. Get him an album of his favorite artist or musician, a ticket to a concert of his favorite band, or a musical instrument. This will make him really happy.

Plan A Romantic Dinner

Nothing hits the spot quite like a candle-light dinner. It will show your Libra man that you can be sweet and romantic. Treat your Libra man to an unforgettable dinner experience. It could be at the beach, by the pool, in the garden, or even in a tent. Use scented candles, flower petals, and paper lanterns to complete the setup.

Take Him on a Trip

A Libra man loves spontaneous escapades. His love for fun activities will make it easy for you to make him go on a trip. Research about his favorite places or places he wants to see, and plan a trip.

Opt For Traditional Romance

Libra is considered to be one of the most romantic horoscope signs. The traditional accouterments of romance captivate the heart of a Libra man. Consider preparing a picnic in the park or making heartfelt poems.

Open Yourself Up to Fun Experiences

A Libra man loves to try new things. You will find yourself being encouraged by him to do lots of activities that you have never done just yet. All you have to do is be open to these new and fun experiences.


A Libra man is passionate when it comes to giving romantic love to someone. He is sensitive and considerate towards your feelings and goes the extra mile just to make you happy. This is a no-brainer, though. He is naturally like that since he is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and pleasure.

Truly, it is a win for you. You see, all the things mentioned above do not end with successfully making your Libra man fall in love with you. Yes, these tips are catered to what a Libra man likes in a girl. However, these could also be ways to become a better human being in this beautiful but cruel world. After all, it is a great decision to date a passionate and romantic Libra man.

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