How to Make a Libra Man Happy

Nothing beats the way a Libra man loves someone! Is it because it is ruled by the planet of love and pleasure, Venus? Maybe it is!

However, a smooth-sailing relationship with him is still not guaranteed. Note that Venus also had her ups and downs. She had her fair share of mood swings that led to some chaotic epics. But her confusing behavior did not stop the men on Mount Olympus to chase after her, for no one could compare to Venus. Same can be said with your Libra man.

To avoid undesirable situations with your Libra man, you always aim for him to be happy. But sometimes, you fail. Do not fret! This article will help you keep your Libra man happy.

Get to know Him

How to Make a Libra Man Happy

To make him happy, you should make him feel like you really want to know him on a deep emotional level. Ask him about the things he is truly passionate about. Ask him his favorite songs, movies, and places.

Learn more about how he is as a son, brother, or friend. Trust me, he likes being the theme of the conversation.

A Libra man sometimes comes off as egotistical and narcissistic. He loves sharing personal things to people. It brightens up his day. Let him talk more about himself and he will surely like it. You would notice that as he speaks, his eyes light up as an indication that he is really happy.

Talk to Him About Sex

When you are right beside each other in bed before sleep, it is the perfect time to talk to him about sex. Ask him his preferences and all. This is to ensure the happiness of your Libra man. Tell him your preferences as well so that you will both enjoy in bed.

Take Him Seriously

If you are serious about making him a bigger part of your life, then take him seriously. Make him a priority. It does not necessarily mean that you will drop everything in your life just for him. I am just saying if you really love him, you would give him adequate time and attention no matter how busy you are.

A Libra man appreciates it when somebody gives him even a whisper of concern. Ask him from time to time if he is okay or if he is feeling a little off. When you notice a sudden change in his mood, ask him what is wrong. Make eye contact. Knowing that somebody genuinely cares for him will make him happy.

A Libra man also loves compliments so much. He is a sucker for appreciation and validation. He compliments people generously so he expects to receive some in return. When you give him compliments, he would feel valued and loved. Make sure that you sound sincere and certain.

By complimenting him, you could also demonstrate how grateful you are that you have someone like him in your life. This will also bring positive energy into your relationship. Compliments also reinforce behavior. The more you compliment him for the good things he does, the more likely your Libra man would do it often.

Be Expressive in Sex

Your Libra man would definitely want you to be expressive in bed. Since he is a firm believer of having to keep everything in balance, he would want to get the same intensity he is giving you. Consider being extra romantic and doing gestures to express your love for him.

Be Honest with Him

No one would want to be lied to, especially a Libra man. He does not love being fooled so you better be honest with him. Be open about your true feelings and thoughts. When you tell him something, consider making eye contact.

Remember, your eyes do not lie. He will see how sincere and genuine you are through your eyes. When you feel like everything is in complete shambles but he seems oblivious to it, tell him with all honesty. Do not pretend like everything is fine even if it is not. Lies will just frustrate your Libra man.

Make Every Moment Beautiful

Bring a little fun to your relationship by doing things you are not accustomed to. A Libra man always makes sure that every situation with his most treasured people is fun and well-spent. Do the same by exerting effort and doing things that are out of your comfort zone, like bring him on a mountain hike or go fishing with him.

Always make an effort to keep everything from getting boring. In bed, make some romantic gestures to make every second unforgettable.

Make every moment count by sincerely appreciating it. Be thankful for the time you are able to spend with your Libra man. Your everyday moments are what make you who you are. Celebrate every milestone. Do not forget to take photos to accommodate these moments even long after they have passed. 

Engage in Conversation

When everything seems monotonous and boring with your Libra man, you should consider initiating intimate conversations with him. This will definitely satisfy his imagination in a way. You may begin by asking how his day went, and progress to more intimate topics.

Surprise Him in the Bedroom

It is no longer a surprise when I say that your Libra man loves getting surprises. You may even have already taken him to a surprise trip or a romantic candle-lit dinner. But another great idea would be surprising him in the bedroom. This is to keep things interesting and of course, to make him very happy. Perhaps by giving him something to unwrap?


Keeping your Libra man happy is as easy as reciting the ABC’s. Giving him true happiness also means giving yourself your happiness. Since your Libra man is an avid fan of neutrality, expect to receive these things in return. Note that your journey to happiness begins with how strong and intimate your connection with him is. Dive into his deepest thoughts and feelings, and you will find yourself jumping with a delightful heart.

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