How to Talk to A Libra Man

How to Talk to A Libra Man

Libra men have many attractive characteristics. They are charming, friendly, and they love pleasing others, traits that often get misunderstood. They love fun and are very flexible in nature. If you are wondering how to talk to a Libra man, read on and get some useful tips.

Flatter Him

A Libra man loves flattery. Compliment his style. Take notice of what he is wearing, consuming, or showing interest in. Be interested in what he loves, the movies he watches, or his favourite drinks. Most of the things that a Libra man will do are for other people to notice. A Libra man will have a unique taste, and they love when others make comments or compliment them.

You can also compliment his looks, personal style, or his smell. Make him feel special while he talks to you, and he will love you for it. Do not hold back if you find anything interesting about him. Let him know as it will go a long way in building your relationship with him.

Intellectualize Emotional Topics

How to Talk to A Libra Man - Intellectualize Emotional Topics

A Libra man tries to suppress his emotions when talking to someone. He will always try to play cool even when he falls in love with you. He will intellectualize his emotions and channel the romantic feelings he has for you into flirtation. However, he will try to avoid showing you deeper passions.

This is why you need to intellectualize emotional topics when communicating with a Libra so that he stops doubting his feelings. With time, a Libra man will learn to face his feelings, and learn to communicate with the person he feels close to.

Give Him Time to Himself

While talking to a Libra man and you run out of things to say, take a step back and let him lead the conversation. If he takes time to respond or proceed, you should assume that he has deeper thoughts regarding his decisions and the consequences.

If he becomes open about his feelings and emotions, it proves that he is ready to have a serious conversation with you. Therefore, give him time to think and let him decide what to tell you. Do not push the conversation if he retreats.

Pay Close Attention to Him

A Libra man will always wait until the last minute to let you know about his feelings and emotions. This is mainly true when it involves romantic relationships. It is, therefore, up to you to pay close attention to his behaviour. Take time to learn him so that you can understand what he is thinking and his next step.

As you talk to a Libra man, you need to be transparent with your feelings and tell him what is on your mind. If you feel that you have nothing to say to him, let him know, as he may also be dealing with something similar. If you are transparent with him, the emotional bond between the two of you may become stronger, and you may start developing your sense of intimacy from that moment.

Stay Positive

Since planet Venus rules a Libra man, he tends to start conversations with other people and also has excellent communication skills while around people. A Libra man will go extra lengths to keep a conversation pleasant and unemotional so as not to anger others. You have to be positive while talking to them because any small altercation may get ugly and lead to bringing a side of him that you have never seen.

Staying positive while conversing with a Libra guy will ensure that the conversation goes as intended as he will also be interested in your topics. If the conversation is positive, a Libra will participate fully without arguments, but he may get defensive if it becomes negative. It is always wise to stay calm when talking to a Libra man, and avoid arguing with him.

Respect Him

A Libra man needs to know that you appreciate the value he has in your life. When you initiate a conversation with him, be attentive to his nonverbal communication. If he is withdrawn, treat him with tenderness and be polite to him. Do not curse him as he may become more withdrawn, and later go silent on you.

If he gets out of his withdrawal state and becomes forward as he flirts with you, ensure that you match his energy to be both on the same page. If you give him your respect, he will return the favour and treat you better because he knows that he can count on you to be by his side.

Balance His Feelings

How to Talk to A Libra Man - Balance His Feelings

A Libra man will be comfortable when his partner can match their emotions and balance them when having a slow day. You need to know how to balance his feelings so that he does not get angered easily. When he is in a happy mood, it is good that you also get in the same mood, so that you can both be on the same page.

Do not attempt to pour your heart out to a Libra man when he is laughing or flirting as he may get stressed due to the heavy emotions. A Libra man should be given time to internalize everything slowly as he does not love being taken in haste when it comes to their emotions. The goal is not to scare him because he may shut down when he gets loaded with emotions.


A Libra man always has the perfect things to say in all situations. He is diplomatic, tactful, and charismatic based on the situation. Due to his sensitive nature, it is essential to know how to talk with him, maintain a conversation, and build a relationship.

While talking to him, you need to stay positive and intellectualize emotional topics. A Libra man needs time to think about his decisions. Therefore, it is good always to be patient with him. Moreover, respect him and flatter him to make him know you care about his feelings and emotions.

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