How to Tell if a Libra Man Likes You

I totally get it. It is not an easy feat to tell if a man likes you or not. But if you would just consider looking at and adhering to what the signs tell you, your life could be so much easier.

If you are particularly dating a Libra man, you are in the place to be! This piece of writing could be your most awaited help from the universe to be able to tell if your Libra man does like you. 

Libra is one of the zodiac signs that are associated with Venus, the planet of love and pleasure. This fact is very helpful in trying to understand the characteristics of a Libra man and read his actions that could indicate whether or not he has something for you.

Heavily Flirts with You

How to Tell if a Libra Man Likes You

A Libra man has the natural ability to impress and attract women. He is just charming and flirty in such a way that you will find cute and romantic. He is usually the one to start a conversation with you when he finds you special and interesting.

A Libra man usually gives off positive energy, but when he is pining over someone, he tends to be a little more enthusiastic around that person. He exudes much confidence that he would suddenly plop beside you and try to keep a conversation.

However, it might take a little while before he makes up his mind about you. He confronts issues in his mind over and over in order to make the right decision. So when he comes to you with a flirty grin, you know he’s sure about you.

Romance Is on the Menu

This is one of the easiest-to-see signs that a Libra man really likes you. He will make you feel like you are the only girl in the world. He will go all out in making sure you feel appreciated.

When he starts playful and flirty, but then suddenly plays it a bit seriously and becomes more open about his personal life, and starts asking you about yours, it’s probably because he really does like you.

He will give you adorable pet names such as honey and baby. How sweet, right?

When a Libra man pines over you, he will be determined to win your heart. He will do things he does not have to do just to give you a little comfort. He will go the extra mile to make you happy.

He will do unusual things such as buying you food that you are craving for and delivering it to wherever you are personally. He will run to the nearest grocery store to buy your essentials.

The Little Things Matter

A Libra man can also be romantic in traditional ways. Keep an eye on everything he does and your heart will surely flutter.

Little things such as putting a coat on you to keep you warm, tying your shoelaces, holding the door for you, pulling out a chair for you, and checking in on you to make sure that you are safe and sound. Prepare yourself for surprises like a candlelit dinner in the garden or at the beach.

He'll Be Straightforward

He will straight up tell you that he likes you. You will not have to worry about getting mixed signals. This is one of the many advantages of dating a Libra man.

You will not have to ask him what he is doing and where he is going for he will gladly share all his goings-on with you. He will be completely generous to you. He will always be sharing something personal with you – may it be his favorite shirt or his last slice of pizza. The more he shares, the more he thinks you are special.

He'll Be Affectionate

When a Libra man likes someone, he will do literally anything just to let that person feel his sincerity; from giving compliments to extravagant gifts.

You will hear all the nice things about yourself from him. He will be feeding you with compliments and appreciation for your every special and admirable trait.

He may sometimes appear as an egotistical and narcissistic person because he loves receiving compliments so much. But when it comes to someone he fancies, he tends to generously give compliments as well.

He does not give gifts just for the sake of giving. You will be surprised to receive gifts that are meaningful to you and exactly catered to your likes.

You may even be surprised to receive artistic stuff from him such as a scrapbook or a photo album.

When it comes to the one he likes, he does not mind spending too much. He will buy anything he feels is necessary in order to make that person happy. 

Keeps in Touch

If he really likes you, he won’t last a day without seeing you or even talking to you. No matter how busy he may seem to be, he will always find a way to check in on you.

This could be a sign that you never leave his mind for too long. His mind always succumbs to thoughts of you.

He Has Eyes Only for You

A Libra man is known to be a natural flirt. But if he really finds you special, he will stop flirting with anyone else. He will devote his time and attention to only you.

He would not intentionally do anything to upset you. He might even decline invitations from his friends if he thinks it would set you off. 

He’ll Want Commitment

Finally, if he truly wants you, he would ask you to commit. You may wonder what took him so long to ask you this question. Remember, a Libra man is quite indecisive. He rarely acts on impulse. He always tries to consider all angles before giving his final decision. This is a good thing for when you finally get asked by him, you would know he’s really sure about it.


What does one make out of the signs listed above? They are all pretty obvious and straightforward. Hence, this problem of telling whether a man likes you is not a problem at all if he is a Libra man.

On a side note, a Libra man expects to get the same amount of affection and appreciation from you in return.

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