How to Win A Libra Man Back

Are you having a hard time understanding a Libra man? You’re on the right track! People are very complex beings, they present different facets depending on the people and circumstances. Sometimes, even our own minds are difficult to understand. Then we have to figure out another person based on what we see! This is why astrology exists. It is to remind us that there are unseen forces in the universe that guide us.

Talk Openly to Him

How to Win A Libra Man Back - Talk Openly to Him

Librans are known for their love for harmony and balance. They are idealistic perfectionists who always want to protect their tranquil environment. With a symbol of a weighing scale, they are known for fairness and justice. Thus, it is often mentioned that they are good mediators.

Your Libra man hates conflict as much as you do! Talking openly to him will help in resolving misunderstanding. He’s conflict-averse and he’ll like it if both of you can get over the underlying issues as soon as possible.

Make Sure You're Telling the Truth

If you think that since Librans hate conflict, you can lie your way out to a messy confrontation. You have never been more wrong. Libras are very sensitive and can tell if someone is being dishonest from a mile away.

They are very straightforward and honest. Thus, they expect to be treated the same by people around them, especially the woman he’s in a close relationship with. It’s better to tell the truth and face the consequences head on.

Indulge His Need to Always Be Right Sometimes

There are instances that they will insist that they are right. If it is not a matter of consequences, it’s better to indulge them from time to time. Compromise is good as long as it will prevent further disagreement.

When you can’t reach a resolution in an important matter, you can agree to disagree whereby all parties will tolerate but not accept opposing positions. There are times when listening and being neutral will work.

Remember that when it comes to consequential matter, it will not be right to agree even if you have a completely different opinion just to please them. It will be much better to work on your differences early in the relationship.

Be Patient and Don't Rush Him

How to Win A Libra Man-Back

Librans are known to be indecisive. They will spend so much time weighing the pros and cons even of those inconsequential things. Coupled with their idealistic traits and their need for balance, they want to get the best out of the options given to them. Even if they have already made their choices, they still think about what might happen only if they have chosen differently.

Rushing him will not do any good. They will feel bad to give an answer that is not well thought out. It’s like tasting a premature fruit. It will not be as good as a fruit that’s allowed to ripen in a tree. Besides, it may lead to further disagreement. It can be very annoying, so be patient.

Avoid Becoming Too Emotional

Emotions are meant to be expressed, but there are times that we can’t control ourselves and lash out to the people closest to us. Thus, it is important to know ourselves and get out in a situation that will further damage our relationship.

When emotions are at its peak, you might refuse to see reason and say things that you will regret later on. Thus, the situation will only get worse. It is important to talk and resolve issues with calmness, so that you’ll be able to think straight and reach a resolution that will satisfy both of you.

Show Affection and Dedication

On this part, it is important to know your partner, his preferences and hobbies. There are things that are not often told but by spending time together, and paying close attention, you’ll get it. Like his idiosyncrasies, how he wants to be comforted when angry or tired, and how he acts towards the people who are close to him in different circumstances.

As cliché as it seems, a bit of sweetness is good in the relationship. It includes communicating affectionately like going out, calling, and messaging often. Physical intimacy is also necessary like holding hands, hugging, and kissing. Also being empathetic and listening attentively is a must in order for you to give the necessary support he needs.

Surprise Him with Something Nice

How to Win A Libra Man Back - Surprise Him with Something Nice

Who will not be happy with a nice little surprise? Libras are known to appreciate finer things in life. A bit of creativity and a different than usual experience will do.
Cook his favorite food and make it aesthetically pleasing. Truly, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. You can also go on a trip together to experience new adventures. Besides, it is a good way to relax and know each other more deeply. It doesn’t need to be fancy. It can be as simple as watching a movie together and giving him gifts that he can use and appreciate.

The point of all of these is to create a space wherein both of you can be present.


Conflict is not a sign that you’re in a relationship with the wrong person. But it’s definitely an indication that there are areas that both of you need to improve. Don’t worry, it is totally normal!

Having disagreements is part of the experience of being in love. The source of conflict, the person who started it and differentiating who’s right and wrong may not matter afterwards. The important thing is how both people will handle their disagreements and grow from there.

Some disagreements will do your partnership good more than harm. No people are totally alike. It means that both of you have different opinions, ideas and interests to offer to each other. It is more meaningful to feel that despite individual differences, disagreements and rough patches you still choose to stay and love each other.

Hopefully, this article enlightens and helps you in having a healthy and fruitful relationship.

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