Libra Man & Aries Woman – Compatibility, Love, Sex, Relationships Guide

The Libra Man and Aries Woman is an interesting match. Both Libra and Aries are “cardinal” in terms of quality. This means both are trendsetters. It also means that they can make the necessary changes to make their relationship work out.

Libra Man and Aries Woman Compatibility Rating

Libra Man and Aries Woman Compatibility Rating

Aries Woman, it is good news for you! The compatibility rating between you and the Libra Man you are interested in (or in a relationship with) is very high at 9.

What we have here is the Libra Man, and the sign for the guy is “cardinal air,” and regarding his being “cardinal”, the man you’re looking at is a trendsetter and that he is going to be original and he can bring about the necessary adjustments so that his relationships will not fail.

On the man’s “air” side, he is exactly that – a breath of fresh air. He can bring in fresh ideas, concepts, and ways of relating to his Aries woman.

On your side, being an Aries Woman, you are a “cardinal fire” sign, and being “cardinal”, you are also a trendsetter, you want to be original, and you can introduce new ideas to make your relationships work out.

Regarding your “fire” aspect, you bring in the passion, the excitement, and the spark. This keeps your relationship with your Libra man energized.

Also, the complementary natures of your signs’ planets – Mars and Venus, the fire and air elements, and the qualities all work together for a good match. However, there are points to remember in every aspect of your relationship.

The Elements

For your “fire” to burn, you need your Libra man’s “air”, and his fire is moved by your air. The match is good but requires self-control. When either gets to an extreme level, it is either the air blowing the fire out or the fire consuming air to extinction. Moderation and understanding are the keys to success in your relationship.

The Qualities

Both of you (Libra and Aries) have cardinal qualities. Both are leaders in different ways. You lead with your heart (emotional) and he leads with his head (intellectual). These can be two extreme sides but there is a way to ensure harmony between these opposites.

General notes to you as an Aries Woman trying to maintain a good relationship with your Libra Man:


  • Don’t be too overbearing on the man. Always use logic in making your points.
  • Do not push your man too far to make a decision. Always give him time to think things over.
  • Adjust with the man’s work and rest cycles. 

Important Traits of Libra Man in Relation to Aries Woman

If you’re already in a relationship with a Libra Man, these are the key areas to watch out for:

Intimacy and Sexual Compatibility

Between these two signs, intimacy and sex are always going to be hot. Although both are “masculine” signs in nature, they have a relationship between Mars and Venus, the energy and love planets. These planets are basically the ones that rule our sex life.

However, you might find your man to be lacking in emotional intensity sometimes. What you do here is provide the right amount of “fire” to keep the passion burning and help your man have just a good balance of emotions.


When it comes to trust, a Libra-Aries relationship is quite on the low side of the scale. This can be a make or breakpoint in the relationship. The Libra man looks for approval from other people and the Aries woman might become suspicious of that behavior in his Libra Man because she’s saying: I am bringing in all the passion here. Isn’t that enough?

From the other side, here you are with your go-go-go nature. You are an initiator - being cardinal. You move, react, and just do things on your own and without consulting your man, making him wonder or try to figure out what exactly it is you are up to. This breeds suspicion in him.

Suggested solution: If there’s any conflict, then maybe you can slow down a bit and try to put more thought into your actions. With your Libra man, as long as he has high self-esteem and focuses on important things (other than you), then he is still good. He is functioning well and you should be happy with that.

Aries Woman, your Libra man is naturally obsessed with other people and how he looks to other people. You are going to help him with that – to lessen this obsession in him. 

Communication and Intellect

Your man belongs to the air sign, so he is an intellectual guy and because of that he naturally wants to communicate or be involved in communication.

On your side, you naturally pour in all your energy to boost your man’s spirit and keep him going. This can make you tired at times, which can cause you not to communicate with him as often as you should. Balance is the key here, so make necessary adjustments.


Showing emotions is a major struggle with Libran people. They don’t just let their guard down when it comes to emotions. Luckily, if they have a relationship with an Aries woman, the thing is the Aries woman can help them express their emotion and because your Libra man is an intellectual man, he knows exactly what you are trying to do with your behavior and it is likely that he appreciates it.


Your man values tactfulness, having finesse, and having prestige with how he speaks, while you, you value directness and an energized approach. You are the more outspoken one in this relationship.

Here, there is a great deal of difference, but despite that, you realize that you have a lot to learn from each other. So what happens here is … you find a common ground and actually grow together on it. 

Shared Activities

This is another area of struggle in the Libra-Aries relationship, so you might find it hard to coordinate your activities together. What you can do here is help your man to be more open about his own activities and make him realize that he doesn’t have to include you in everything that he does.

From your side, you can just support his independent mindset and try to find other areas of activities that both of you can enjoy. Also, realize that there are things that you can do apart and there are things that you can do together.

Remember also that there is a shared activity that is a common ground in your relationship. That strong point once again is your ‘intimate and sexual activities’, so perhaps you should have more time doing that together. 

Libra Man Behavior Highlights

Your Libra man naturally exhibits these behaviors:


  • The man is a natural-born diplomat. He is charming. He is friendly.
  • His manners are impeccable. He dresses well. Because of that, women are naturally drawn to him.
  • When your man talks to people, he has this natural effect of making them feel as if they are his best friend and that he cares for their welfare.
  • He has good social skills and he is an intellectual guy. Thus, he can easily size up a person or a situation quickly.
  • Your man loves harmony. He does not argue so much and does reveal what he thinks about a certain issue to someone he hardly knows.
  • Your guy loves flirting, but he does not welcome someone who will throw herself at him.
  • Your Libra wants someone who is confident and strong as a partner.

Important Traits of Aries Woman In Relation to Libra Man

Libra men, this is the general characteristic and interest of an Aries woman:


  • She is a sports fanatic. If you don’t see her actually playing or engaged in any sports, she must be a big fan of some sports team.
  • She is the epitome of self-confidence and boldness. Often, you will hear her speak her mind quite plainly. She has that honest tone in her voice.
  • She is usually seen as “one of the guys”. If you see her hanging out with other men around, don’t fret. She is just being herself. These are not dating relationships, anyway.
  • Flirting is not her forte. You often flirt and try to impress others. She doesn’t. However, she’s quite expressive to the man she finds attractive. 

So, Aries Woman, you need to make your Libra man realize how you see things and how you naturally act as a person early on. Tell him that when he sees you with other guys, there’s really nothing to worry about. Tell him that because of your being direct and bold, you get into trouble more often than other women. 

The technique here is, to be honest from the beginning of the relationship so there will be no surprises down the road.

Libra Man and Aries Woman Dating

Libra Man and Aries Woman Dating

If an Aries woman gets in a relationship with a Libra man, what will be their early relationship like? When dating, how should she behave? How does a Libra man treat women on dates?

Not Serious with Other Girls

First and foremost, be reminded that Libra men are flirts and in many social situations, they get a lot of attention from women. When you get caught up in such a situation, remain cool and confident, and when he seems to be enjoying it all, don’t chase him around.

He is not serious with the other girls. It is just that he enjoys the “approval” aspect of it, and when he has his cup of ego-filled to the brim, you will see him turning his attention back to you. Whatever happens, don’t make him feel you are chasing him around.

Networks of Friends

When dating, you will see his large network of friends and contacts. If you also like crowds, then that is fine. If you do not, you will probably wonder where exactly you fit in his life. Or is that a good question to ask in an early relationship? Perhaps, it is not.

Your man is the original social butterfly. He is polite and oozing with charm, which can leave you feeling somewhat ignored. On the bright side, his loyalty is impeccable once he commits. So think about that as just an early-relationship phenomenon in committing yourself to a Libra man.

Be At Your Best

What you can do is be you and do your best. Dress well and embrace the fact that he loves socializing.

When you are dining out, you would ask: what food does he like? He would like anything sophisticated. Think about gourmet food and fine wine. As for sex, quality rules over quantity for the typical Libra man. 

Libra Man and Aries Woman Sexual Compatibility

So much has been said already about Libra Man – Aries Woman sexual compatibility but let us have more tickling details, and we’ll put them in bullets as well:


  • Sex between these signs is extremely sensual. There are no boring moments.
  • Your Libra partner will teach you how to take it slowly. The result is a classy, creative bedroom sensation.
  • The most erogenous part of your man is his lower back. On the other hand, your most erogenous is your head. Make sure that he knows that.
  • Your foreplay will be full of caresses, sexy whispers, and if you so desire, dancing.

His Art of Lovemaking

Your Libra guy loves a lovemaking prelude that is imaginative, slow, and passionate. By the time he actually injects his tool into your aching honeypot, you will be on the verge of orgasm.

He will discover every part of you, and as long there are more spots to explore, he will delay the actual intercourse. If you love being playful as well, no doubt your Libra man is the perfect sex partner for you.

Remember that your Libra lover doesn’t see sex as a superficial activity. He is sincere in bed and will use his mouth and hands to deliver electrifying sensations throughout your body. And take note: Libra men go to the bottom and love to perform oral sex.

Libra Man and Aries Woman Relationships

There are more points we can take up here, like for example that in their day-to-day life, Libra men can also struggle with their confidence and that can affect your relationship with your guy.

Time to Help a Libra Man

Libra men can get caught up in moments of self-doubt a little more often than they would care to admit. If you think your man needs assurance from the outside world that he’s worth it, don’t you think you should be the first one to volunteer?

You can do it using kind words or a PDA. No matter how you respond, it will show him how you value him. That will satisfy your man’s need to look and appear desirable.

Unparalleled Loyalty

Your man also belongs to the group of incredibly loyal lovers. If the Aries in you tells you that you are fed up with him and you’re showing him exactly that, expect him to be not the one to say goodbye. The part of breaking the relationship is on your shoulder, and sorry to say, you will be the one to initiate the process.

Little Gestures Matter

If things are going well rather, you can do occasional gestures to spice up more your relationship, like gifts and surprises. These things make Libra men happy and are definitely great ways to their heart.

No need to spend a lot of money on that, but just pay attention to the things they want and need. Cook him a nice dinner. Jot a sweet note for him. That’s all it takes for him to feel he is loved and is important to the one he also dearly cares for.

For couples: Don’t wait for an Aries man to ever ask for a divorce because he will stay in a marriage no matter how boring and miserable it is. 

Libra Man and Aries Woman Communication

Libra rules communication and they are facets in your man that it shows quite clearly.

Logic and Truth Prevail

Your man likes all things to be smooth and amiable. He is a master of the well-turned phrase and his simple remarks can make everyone calm down. People may think that he is empathic, but truth to tell, he doesn’t care much about feelings.

His crowning glory is logic and truth and he will not tolerate a burst of emotions to prevail in discourse or an argument. He wants peace to rule after everyone had their side heard.

Avoid Long Confrontation

Thus, your Libra man, if you will notice, avoids confrontation and may resort to telling you white lies on several occasions. That’s because he wants harmony and peace.

While he adores your tenacity and willfulness, he also tries to avoid your temper and prefers no follow-up questions. You can be a killer with words and your trait of being direct, but your partner is a charmer with his lies.

Can you just be true to each other and just understand your weak points? You are a unique couple that should stay in bed and stops talking.

And this is for the Libra Man: Your Aries woman communicates through taking initiatives in a way that asserts her dominance over other signs. If you will take note, she wants to get you to do her bidding by taking charge and making her own plans of action.

If conflicts arise, one of you should sit down and take the side of a listener. One has to be “behind” the other, so the relationship can continue and both of you get satisfaction from it.

Libra Man and Aries Woman Marriage and Family Life

Libra Man and Aries Woman Marriage and Family Life

The Libra man… what kind of a husband is he? Take note that he loves beauty and he loves balance. When you plan out the aesthetics of your home, make sure that he has the say to every important detail. He loves symmetry. You should also take note of the way he wants different colors combined.

As Your Better Half

As a husband, he is fair and wise. He may sometimes feel the need to be alone and that can mean you will sometimes feel depressed and lonely because of his absence, but no worries, he is passionate about his married life. You just have to give importance to his tendency to value independence and sometimes, you need to allow him to do things as he pleases – no questions asked.

At this point, it must already be clear to you that your “cardinal” tendency to lead must be tamed in the light of your partnership with a man who wants a certain degree of freedom and has a social tendency that is quite different from yours. All the same, he is a nice husband material that only needs an understanding partner who is willing to give him support every step of the way.

As a Father

As a father, the Libra man waits for the time when he can be friends with his children, not just a father. He wants to be intellectually connected with his children and so he will patiently wait for that time when that connection can possibly materialize.

All in all, the man you have chosen is an intellectual guy but one who is capable of understanding the weaknesses, rather the tendencies, of an Aries woman. He will keep his relationship with you forever.

You also have a husband who is a good provider. Just make sure you respect the time when he needs to be alone. Lastly, you have a husband who someday will be a great friend to your children. 


The relationship between a Libra man and an Aries woman may be the most passionate in all matches that the Zodiac system may allow, but there can be ups and downs in the relationship.

You can be both leaders in your own ways, but make sure that you give each other the space you need to satisfy your need to lead. In the end, after the hurrahs have died out, you will always find yourself in an intimate embrace in a private space without care how the world outside is faring with their own relationships and challenges.

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