Libra Man & Cancer Woman: Compatibility, Love, Sex, Relationships Guide

Are you a Cancer woman crushing on a Libra man? Most likely, you are on this page reading about this because you may already be dating a Libra guy and wish to find out how compatible you two are. Sensing a match made in heaven for these air and water signs, let me be your relationship guide guru as we explore suitability in the love department as well as what goes on behind closed doors.

Libra Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility Rating

Libra Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility Rating

Are you part of a Libra/Cancer pairing? An air and water sign put together may seem to be an unlikely pair. Cliché as it may sound, I still believe that opposites attract. The Libra man with his optimistic, friendly and charming nature matching up with the sensitive, yet moody Cancer woman encourages compromise that makes for a lasting love relationship.

With the remarkable traits that a Libra man and a Cancer woman possess, there is a definite foreseeable future for the two of you. Both of you are insightful, as well as you seek stability and security. Your bond will be more powerful as you work toward a common goal.

Libra and Cancer Compatibility Traits

The Fostering and Caring Nature of Cancer

The Cancer woman has a very nurturing side to her. She shows warmth and physical affection. These same traits endear her to the gentle and kind Libra. He is always filled with romantic thoughts and wishes to be showered with love and affection by her loyal and protective Cancer partner.


The most romantic men may have been born under the sign of Libra. They are as passionate about life as much as their Cancer lover. With the varying mood swings of the Cancer woman, our Libra man charms his way to her heart with just the perfect blend of flirtatiousness and confidence.

To all Cancer women out there who get jealous since your Libra guy seems to be larger than life and attracts a lot of attention, worry not as his romantic nature is a reassurance that he will be sticking around for you.

Peace Loving Couple

Cancer and Libra, Crab and Scales. One sticks its head on its shell while the other strikes for balance and equilibrium. The introvert Cancer woman would usually find peace in being alone. She values her privacy, and is easily in touch with her emotions.

On the other hand, our Libra guy seeks for tranquility and his calm demeanor makes it possible to have a compatibility between these two opposite zodiac signs.

They Compliment Each Other Socially

As opposite as magnetic poles, surprisingly they are able to bring out the best in each other. They see what they lack in themselves, and this makes them appreciative of the other’s uniqueness.

The lone wanderer meets the social butterfly! An odd pair, but relationships born out of differences harbor more variety and seldom goes stale. So my dear Cancer women, do not let the gregarious Libran guy intimidate you. Moreso, it is your chance to come out of your shell and discover a different side of you.


A relationship based on friendship between Libra and Cancer is bound to have a strong foundation. Cancer women would usually seek to be friends by taking things slowly but surely. Finding a lover takes a while for the cautious Cancer. On the other hand, Librans have an easy ability to make friends. Due to his easy-going nature, our lady Cancer easily becomes comfortable opening up and sharing more of herself to our Libra lover.

Plus, Libra men are naturally romantic! It is every Cancer woman’s goal to be with someone amorous and yet, share a special kind of friendship that can withstand the test of time. In addition, the ability to be friends gives them a stronger foundation that makes the relationship more stable and substantial.

Important Traits of Libra Man in Relation to Cancer Woman

Ladies, if you are dating or currently in a relationship with men born between September 23 and October 22, then aren’t you the lucky one! You are paired with the nicest and most charming personality in this side of the town!

Let us go over their traits that I am certain Cancerian women would appreciate to discover about their Libran men.

Romantic and Good Communicator

Being ruled by the Goddess of Love Venus, a Libra man makes you feel that you are the most important person on day one of your budding romance. When a Libra man and a Cancer woman follow up a romantic connection, they make an alluring combination.

Our Libra Casanova may feel a bit giddy after a night out with a Cancer woman, as he is susceptible to being called a love-drunk! He thrives on romance, and he is quite comfortable in his own skin.

Likewise, he can easily put you at ease, being an excellent communicator. He usually never runs out of things to say. A perfect combination to the more reserved and reticent Cancer.

Charming Lover

A Libra man is an unparalleled lover who treats his Cancer woman with grace, making her feel secure like a princess. He blends easily with the volatile moods of the Cancer lady, adding to her general happiness and soundness. With this harmonious union, her exceptional qualities of fidelity, tolerance and devotion are further manifested.

His attraction and intention for you are pure, making you feel that you are in safe hands. His charming personality allows him to find out more about you without being intrusive.

Optimistic and Positive Outlook

The Libra man possesses an optimistic and positive outlook in life. If he encounters any difficulty, he is not one to be discouraged. His naturally affable nature usually finds himself surrounded by friends, and this helps him bounce back to his usual sociable nature. These traits endear him to the more guarded and reserved Cancer woman. The partnership between Libra and Cancer creates a constant harmony, which becomes an effective support system for one another.

Important Traits of Cancer Woman in Relation to Libra Man

Important Traits of Cancer Woman in Relation to Libra Man

Cancer, which is the fourth Zodiac sign, is represented by the Crab. It is considered to be a moon maiden, and the mother of the astrological sign. The Cancer woman in you takes a foremost importance in nurturing your significant other. You simply love to express your loyalty and devotion to your Libra man.

The Cancer woman and the Libra man make a stimulating partnership. The variation in your personalities compensate to strike a balance in having an amicable relationship.

Let us find out the different traits Cancer women possess that make Libra men fall head over heels completely over you.

Family Oriented and Protective

The Cancer woman has an innate caring personality and a very warm nature. You tend to put your loved ones first ahead of yourself. You are at your best when you are taking care of someone.

The family oriented Cancer woman makes the best suitable homemaker. The Libra man would not have any doubts about a lifetime commitment with you, as he foresees that your devotion stretches far along through your ripe old age. 

Loyal and Devoted

One of the most remarkable traits you possess being born under the sign of Cancer, is your sense of loyalty. You are one of the most devoted among all the zodiac signs. Being an introvert is a quality that inhibits you from readily opening up to your Libra man. This makes it difficult for you to entertain a romantic relationship right away. However, the friendly nature of your Libra man works in helping you come out of your shell, and be more expressive.

Once you have gained enough confidence, showering your partner with utmost loyalty becomes second nature to you. Your Libra man enjoys basking in your devotion and loyalty, and this makes him even more confident as your partner.


A key characteristic of a Cancer woman is your instinctive nature. Your overt sensitivity easily detects how another person feels without revealing anything to you. Your intuitiveness is an admirable quality considered by the Libra man.

Since Libra acquires a cool, collected and calm manner, it is unusual for him to display a dismal attitude. Yet, your intuitiveness and sympathetic heart iron out any rough patch your Libra man may be experiencing.


An extension of your impending, emotional personality is your caring manner. A Cancerian is generous in love towards her partner and expects the same intensity to be showered to her.

Your Libra man enjoys every opportunity to be taken care of. Meanwhile, you provide care that is enough to go around the people that matter to you most.

Libra Man and Cancer Woman Dating

Do you believe that there is beauty in diversity? Do you adhere to contrasting personalities that do not clash but rather complement? I am sure you have heard of serendipity. You need not look far for you to realize that the right one has been there all along.

Such is the case of our Libra man and Cancer woman. Do you know of anyone who has a potential pairing such as these two opposite personalities? Discover why a Libra man dating a Cancer woman has one of the highest romantic relationship scores.

A Cancer woman is an emotional being, who seeks a gentle but honest partner. On the other hand, the sociable Libra man is always on the lookout for an ally. He loves the attention and being surrounded by friends. But, once he finds the perfect match, he turns out to be the ideal gentleman who only has eyes for you.

As you know, it takes time for a Cancer woman to open up and trust. She is easily overwhelmed. A Libra man dating a Cancer woman has to be extra careful with what he says or does. Once a Cancer woman feels threatened, she is bound to withdraw into her shell.

So how does our Libra man behave on a date with a Cancer woman? For one, you need to make her feel relaxed and comfortable. Rest assured, she will respond to you positively. Libra man, turn on your charms and your gift of gab! Make her feel like the princess that she ought to be. Make sure though, that you don’t come on too strong that it frightens her. Your best move is to appeal to her warm-heartedness.

Once you have won her over, you will be rewarded with her nurturing nature. Our Cancer woman simply loves to shower her Libra man with attention. She will take care of you, which you appreciate because Libras are clingy creatures. On the other hand, our Cancer woman is never bothered by his neediness.

One of the reasons why you are compatible is your ability to balance your weakness and turn it into something worthwhile. For the Cancer women out there, you know yourself to be moody and prone to sadness. Nevertheless, your Libra guy remains to be unaffected. He flourishes in harmony and shuns discord. The upbeat Libra paired with your morose disposition is the quintessence of balance at its finest.

Libra men want their Cancer women to be passionate and spontaneous. He adores her loyalty and trustworthiness. She on the other hand, cherishes being treated as a lady. She expects to be accorded with respect, but appreciates if her man is in control. Seeing how excellent their start is, I am bound to believe that it is written in the stars that they would meet and fall in love.

Libra Man and Cancer Woman Sexual Compatibility

I have been sharing how contrasting the personalities of Libra and Cancer are. Initially, you might regard that their compatibility is nil in terms of sexuality.

Both Libra and Cancer are concerned about giving pleasure to their partner. This takes their sexual union to a different level.

While the Cancer woman needs to be emotionally connected before taking things a step further, the Libra man prefers to flirt and wants emotional attachment later.

Once trustworthiness has been established, the Cancer woman starts to warm up and become sexually responsive. She opens herself to sex filled with variety and vitality. The Libra man being the more experienced one, acts as a chameleon as he can be anything and tries everything in the sack.

Both the Libra man and the Cancer woman will find themselves more sexually adept once they have spent enough time together, first as friends before taking the heat up in the bedroom.

The Libra Man in Bed

Your Libra man feels pleasure when he gives you pleasure! He is intuitive, slow and intent. A very energetic lover, the Libra man dislikes being hurried up. He enjoys playful love making, which leaves his partner sexually fulfilled.

The Cancer Woman in Bed

Your Cancer woman feels pleasure when her man takes the lead. The romantic and sensual side of her is shameless to try new positions, as love making is something she enjoys. She craves for connection that would support her emotionally. The innocence exuded by the Cancer woman would take you to a journey of pleasure. No wonder, many men seek her attention and feel the need to be with her.

Libra Man and Cancer Woman Relationships

Libra Man and Cancer Woman Relationships

A relationship between a Libra and a Cancer is focused on putting their significant other above anyone else. They make sure that the people they care about are delighted and untroubled. This places the Libra Cancer partnership high up in the compatibility hierarchy.

Being a hopeless romantic, the Libra man regards his relationship as his top priority. He may be a social butterfly who enjoys the attention, but once he finds “the one”, he sticks around and holds you dear in his heart.

For the Cancer woman who undoubtedly enjoys being pampered, a dozen roses with some written romantic poem would inspire her to be more open and accepting of your intentions.

When paired together, the Libra man and the Cancer woman will both flourish in sharing not only an emotional connection but also a more fulfilling spiritual bond.

They may not be initially considered a match made in heaven, but both the Libra man and the Cancer woman devote their passion into making their relationship last.

The Cancer woman will not give up easily on her man, inasmuch as the Libra man detests being alone. He strives to resolve any differences as he works toward stability and repose in his relationship.

Libra Man and Cancer Woman Communication

Libra men and Cancer women communicate in different manners. What works well for one may not work well for the other. Since communication is a vital key to a successful relationship, let us find out how to win the hearts of our Libra man and Cancer woman.

Your Libra man is known to be a peacemaker. He would usually bend over backwards to make someone happy and to maintain peace. Friendly and diplomatic by nature, he can facilitate a discussion and ensure that differences are resolved.

How to Communicate with a Libra Man

  • Smile and be polite
  • Keep an interesting conversation
  • Be a good listener and ask intelligent questions
  • Do not be overly sensitive
  • Discussion is encouraged but avoid hostility

Your Cancer woman finds joy when others seek her out for guidance. She is cautious most of the time, but enjoys a meaningful exchange and is an eager listener. The conversations she is most comfortable in are ones where she is able to share her issues. A sound advice is always welcome, especially coming from her trusted partner.

How to communicate with a Cancer Woman

  • Invigorate her emotions
  • Get to know her better
  • Be careful with money matters
  • Ask for her sympathy
  • Make her feel important

Libra Man and Cancer Woman Marriage and Family Life

The high commitment to have a long lasting relationship for these two signs, make for a successful marriage and family life. Being polar opposites should not discourage our Libra Cancer pair to take the final plunge into marital bliss. Let me share with you why the Libra man and the Cancer woman are the ideal husband and wife.

Libra Man in Marriage and Family Life

He is highly suited to be with the Cancer woman as his most important goal is to have a long lasting marriage. Having a loving and kind manner, he abhors any form of confrontation and conflict.

As a parent, he usually forgets to assert his authority due to his gentle ways. Nevertheless, Libra men are considered to be very good fathers and ideal role models for the children.

Cancer Woman in Marriage and Family Life

Her natural instinct in being a homemaker makes her an ideal candidate for marriage. Expect your Cancer woman to work tirelessly in keeping your little nest spotless and pristine. Much to the delight of the Libra man, who basks in grandeur and loves hosting parties for friends.

Scared to be alone, the Cancer woman has set her heart on having a family. The natural born caretaker and perfect mother that she is, a protective and reliable better half is what she looks for. Someone to provide balance to her fragile manner, a Libra man is the answer.


The biggest restriction that comes to mind on the Libra and Cancer partnership is the obverse nature of these two signs. However, this should not dampen your spirits if you find yourself in this kind of a pairing.

Cancer will be the Yin to the Libra’s Yang. What is important is to hold on to your independence so as not to lose your individuality. If you focus on love, Cancer could learn to compromise inasmuch as Libra would opt to mellow down and have a wonderful union of family and off-springs with his Cancer woman.

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