Libra Man and Libra Woman: Compatibility, Love, Sex, Relationships Guide

In the past, I blamed myself for not trying hard enough in looking for Mr. Right. Then I realized I was not doing it accurately. I looked at what I had been doing and found out I was way off base about my assumption in looking for a potential partner. The phrase "opposites attract" did not apply to me, which meant I needed to look for someone that I had many similarities with.

So in adopting this strategy, a Libra man and a Libra woman, by all accounts, is an agreeable combination.

Libra Man and Libra Woman Compatibility Rating

Libra Man and Libra Woman Compatibility Rating

On the website, the rating for compatibility in both male and female Libras is a relatively high rating of 90 percent. It takes into account a few factors, like being birthed into the same zodiac sign and having the same planets. It also establishes an advantageous harmony for both due to similar qualities and elements.

Your Planets

Since you are looking for a likely Libra mate, be prepared to have many resemblances.

Saturn and Venus are your planets, and you have their particular endowments.

Saturn brings mellowness and circumspection into the mix, which enables you to take in everything slowly with good measure. Compared to the other planets in the solar system, it is the most beautiful because of its rings. Yet, it acts deliberately and travels slowly around the sun. Thus, Indian astrologers call it "the teacher who moves slowly." Even though it is known to be a delayer in your daily life, it imparts dignified manners of forbearance and prudence.

You might have heard of Venus before concerning romance and love due to the Roman goddess of the same name. It does provide those attributes as regards relationships, but there are others as well. Since it is closer to the sun, it travels faster than Earth, which may induce difficulties in self-assertion and independence.

The Cardinal Quality

It concerns the alterations in the apparent motion of the sun. Libra, along with Aries, Capricorn, and Cancer, represent the four signs that are imbued with this crucial quality. Their location in the Zodiac wheel is significant to the sun's passage through the celestial equator. Therefore, people that have either of the signs are possessed with strong leadership qualities. So be prepared for a possible partner that is ambitious and likes to be in charge.

The Element of Air

This element is important because you need to breathe it to live. In other cultures, it has the same meaning as "life force," or "spirit," which refers to the force that causes energy to change in the body. The energy is manifested in the form of thought, which is also intangible, like air. Through thinking, Librans are gifted with the abilities of empathy, honesty, and clarity of thought and are often referred to as a "breath of fresh air."

Important Traits of Libra Man in Relation to Libra Woman

Since you would be paired with a similarly-equipped Libra man, both of you have almost similar temperaments, good and bad.

In, a Libra man is a charismatic individual. He has a pleasing manner, which enables him to become a person of authority. He is independent-minded and is flexible whenever changes happen. He thinks before he acts and carefully weighs the situation he is in. Whenever he is involved in an argument, he does not stop until he wins it. He likes everything in its proper place. Any other woman would be helpless to his charms and might feel immobilized by his strength of character.

Since you are a Libra woman and have mostly the same qualities, you will be immune to his beguilement. He will treat you as an equal and earnestly respects you and your boundaries. He will often provide you with romantic activities you yearn for. But being opinionated has its price. He may think that he is smarter than you, and this might cause conflict.

When something bad happens to the Libra man and becomes depressed, your job is to leave him to his own devices to recuperate and be there when he needs you.

Important Traits of a Libra Woman in Relation to Libra Man

Also, in, a Libra woman like you has interchangeable characteristics with your Libra man. You are charming, generous, have good insight and keen judgment. You are forever calm, patient, and can adjust to any environment. You are well-mannered and elegant, very much a lady. You are equally adept in managing family life and office work with a steady hand.

You use your graceful character in winning any argument that comes your way, especially with your Libra partner. You will respect him as an equal and love him for the same traits that you have. You will be exceedingly loyal to him and always forgive him for his flaws. You are especially understanding of his mood swings because he is like you.

You can give gentle encouragement to your Libra partner to let out his hidden talents, which helps him with better opportunities for work and relationships. But be mindful of not doing it too much because his overly opinionated Libra self might cause friction between the both of you.

Yet you should exercise a degree of caution in dealing with the Libra man since both of you have mostly the same characteristics. Too much of the same thing is not always good. Being too independent-minded does not bode well for a close and loving relationship.

If you spend too much time apart from your Libra man, the circumstance of infidelity is high. He might look for stimulating conversation with another party. Since both of you are highly-opinionated and do not want to concede to an argument, it might cause fights and can be straining. Being treated unfairly by each other might be another cause for agitation and conflict.

The best way to handle this is to spend time alone after a conflict occurs. It will allow you to reflect on both of your improprieties. In turn, it enables you to strive to be a better person.

Libra Man and Libra Woman Dating

Libra Man and Libra Woman Dating

In an article on, a Libra man and a Libra woman are compatible with the art of going steady. You have the goddess of love in your corner, and your Libra man has the same deity as the source of his inspiration. Librans are generally good-looking and take pride in it. Both of you have similar interests in the kind of places, events, and activities that happen when dating.

You and your Libra date appreciate the finer things that life has to offer, like the best food, music, and art. Your preference for conversation topics is of the same high caliber as your interests. It might seem like a lucky pairing of astrological machinations, but both of you are too much of the same ilk. Regardless of that, Librans are known to be the zodiac's adept lovers and proficient romancers. So as a Libra woman looking to find a Libra mate, you have to admit your similarities with him and accept his flaws like your own.

Be an Ideal Partner

You are lucky since a Libra man is forever looking for a potential partner, so you would hardly do anything in this regard. You should endeavor to consider your relationship like a sports team with two members, and strive to make it the best among the rest. All the decisions made are for the glorious benefit of the home team.

Sometimes, your Libra teammate is not firm in his decision-making process, so when this happens, you will step in and help him score a goal. The Libra man might be unsure of himself at the beginning of your relationship with him, so he would want you to take charge. If he plans to stick around, then he would like you to go with him on steady dates, and you would have to let him be aware that you want the same courtesy from him.

Admit Your Similarities with Him Up Front

It is a great idea to let your Libra mate know that you have similar traits with him at the onset of the dating period, especially if it were bad ones. It will make it easier for him if he is looking for particular characteristics in a woman. He will also appreciate your honesty and give you credit for it.

Since both of you are cut from the same cloth, you like sophisticated matters in the dating scene and like to engage in high-minded conversations and debates. You will find out that your Libra mate would want more attention from you and vice-versa. Do not ask too much stuff from him if he is not used to giving or else feelings of inadequacy might arise.

Money Matters

The money will be an issue in your Libra partnership. Appreciating the finer things in life has consequences because both of you are spending lavishly on your dates. He will be too generous to a fault, and if he does not know how to manage his finances, you will have to take over. Since you are like him, you will also need to change your spending habits since you will be handling the both of you.

You will have to tell this to him in a gentle and caring way. Otherwise, it might be a cause for conflict. You will have to be an accommodating partner, and once he will get accustomed to this, then you can teach him the better principles of money management. You can still enjoy the better things in life, but now on a budget.

Splitting Up the Work

The Libra man will like to pamper you and want to do all the work on his own, but he will also want you to do the same for him. In a Libra relationship, both of you need balance, so if you do something for him, then he needs to return the favor. In times when you are not able to reciprocate his pampering, it might look like he is irresponsible and lazy. Be sure to let him know that you will soon reward him for his efforts so the balance will return. The periods of imbalance will also affect you, but if he is your Mr. Right, then you have to make compromises.

Libra Man and Libra Woman Sexual Compatibility

As you already know, Librans like to look good and take pride in their appearance. It is the requirement to attract potential mates, something you are good at. You take extreme care and attention to your style and the way you dress. It serves as the sweet foreplay for what goes on later in the bedroom.

You and your Libra bedmate like to talk about sex as much as the act itself. You like to engage in pillow talk: the more intimate, the better the lovemaking will be. Both of you will make no qualms in discussing your former sexual trysts and will often, in your mind, rate the best ones to the worst. Once the sexual activity is over, you will tend to make a comparison between him and your former lovers, which one was better or worse. Libran lovers have high expectations from their sexual partners, which sometimes are difficult to meet.

Since both of you are hyper-verbose in sexual communication, the topic of foreplay will always come up. You will talk about how to make it better for both of you. You are uninhibited in your sexuality, so you like to experiment and are up to anything that might happen. Both the sexual act and the things leading up to it are always on the table for discussion.

You and your Libra bedmate are compatible with everything involving the bedroom. You are attuned to his needs and vice versa. You like to give and take, and he returns the favor. You are affectionate and show magnificent proficiency in the art of making love. Both your goals between the sheets is to have a good time and be satisfied. If satisfying sex is a priority in your relationship goals, then a sexy Libra hunk is the right one for you.

Libra Man and Libra Woman Relationships

In an article on the website, a Libra man and a Libra woman are the perfect match. You, as a Libra female, might assume that you would do all the stuff together with your Libra mate, but that is not the case. Librans need time alone in their own space, particularly when in a relationship.

Since both of you are highly-opinionated and individualistic, there are instances discussions would get heated. So having time apart will work wonders, but not too much time.

The Pluses

From the outside looking in, people will say that both of you are in an ideal relationship. It was already established before that you are hyper-verbose, and you will use this inclination to talk to him about anything under the sun, which he will undoubtedly reciprocate. Besides being the ideal couple, you will be known as a charming pair as well. You will be the life of the party, and people will gravitate towards you.

There will be trying times, but both of you will earnestly work on your relationship and be as comfortable as possible. Due to your nitpicky nature, you will always remember the dates of anniversaries, birthdays, and any other special occasions every year. Your sophisticated taste is another plus in gift-giving instances since it would be of fantastic creations.

Some people would doubt the perfectness of your pairing, but you are like two jigsaw pieces and always fit.

The Minuses

When you and your Libra fellow have hit a rough patch in your relationship, your compatibility will come into question. Problems will appear in the forefront because of unresolved issues. Fights will happen, and either one of you would need to be the submissive one to fix it.

In time, there is a possibility that you will get sick and tired of each other. Even though you adhere to a balanced life, this is outside your control.

Libra Man and Libra Woman Communication

Libra Man and Libra Woman Communication

In any relationship, communication is key to a lasting one. Problems may arise because of miscommunication or lack thereof.

You, as a Libra woman, must understand the nuances of communicating with your Libra man. He is an extrovert and a good communicator in social settings. Yet you will find out that what he says and what he means are two different things.

It was established before that Librans like to have a balanced life, more so with conversations. The fairness of a situation will always be a point of contention. If either of you feels that something is unbalanced, you will point that out in hopes to get back to balance.

You will often look to the pros and cons of a situation, yet could not arrive at a decision, and when either of you feels that you are right about something, you will move heaven and earth to prove your point. Arguments will always happen when Librans talk to each other, so both of you will need to learn to keep calm.

You and your Libra chatmate's relationship will flourish if you have rich and varied communication. So you should be open to anything, read and watch subject matters that will enrich your mind.

You will soon learn that your conversations with your Libra beau will grow into something that both of you enjoy. Do not keep it too personal, or else egos will be bruised, and feelings will get hurt. If this will happen, either one of you will need to act like a sponge and drain the cacophony of dissonance. If no one would get down from the high horse, you will feel impotent and disrespected. Thus, more conflict arises.

As long as you respect one another, your communication will bloom into a beautiful bouquet of everlasting love.

Libra Man and Libra Woman Marriage and Family Life

Once you and your Libra man's relationship reaches long term status, then goes to the next step to tie the knot, some difficulties are exposed. The most glaring one is that tension will disappear between the both of you, thus translating into deficient sexual chemistry. You get used to him too much that the mystery is gone, and you get bored with him.

However, if you have reached this point, then you have found ways to deal with this issue. You, as Libra woman, are better equipped in the art of love compared to the other zodiac signs, and both of you are adept in dealing with incoming problems in your marriage.

As a Libra wife, since you are ruled by the planet Venus, you are beautiful and have great emotional depth. It will enable you to become an ideal wife, and your Libra husband will treat you like a child that needs to be protected.

You are charming, generous, and discerning in the way you treat him. You are calm under the pressures of marriage and can navigate any hardships that arrive. One of your best characteristics is your ability to weather any storms that affect your marriage. You are a good family woman that takes care of your husband and kids.

Your Libra man is not the ideal husband you hoped to be. He is not an easy man to have a life together with. He likes to be in control of things and prefers to be in the driver's seat in your marriage. He is often egregious and temperamental, not good in the home life where the atmosphere should be calm and serene. Yet, he understands and respects the institution of marriage and does not underestimate it. He is a good family provider and will give luxurious gifts to appease you.


Are you a Libra woman navigating the dating scene and looking for the ideal man to spend the rest of your life with? He is out there waiting for you. But you might think that, for your relationship to work, he has to have a different zodiac sign. The best man for you is also a Libra, with mostly the same characteristics as you. So look for your Libra mate now!

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