Libra Man & Sagittarius Woman: Compatibility, Love, Sex, Relationships Guide

A Libra Man - Sagittarius Woman relationship is one of the exciting love stories you'll ever see. This kind of love is not for the faint of heart, though. There will be a lot of twists and turns along the road. But, the Libra Man and the Sagittarius Woman promise they'll have fun anyway.

Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility Rating

Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility Rating

What Makes them Click

Although originating from different elements, the air element in a Libra Man and the fire burning in a Sagittarius Woman are complementary.

Being an air sign, a Libra man is an intellectual being. His intelligence is what will draw the elusive Sagittarius woman to him.

When dating, a Libra man and Sagittarius woman will enjoy playful banters and exciting conversations. They may even find themselves discussing current events, politics, and even social issues.

Because both the Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman have a natural inclination for truth, they are often aware of what's happening around them. Hence, they are also more sensitive towards the needs of others, especially the oppressed.

What May Set them Apart

The Libra man and Sagittarius woman might be on the same page in the mental department. Still, they have different approaches to social interactions.

The Libra man loves company. He will rather invite a female friend to the cinemas than to watch a movie alone.

The Sagittarius girl must try not to be jealous at all times. She should keep her calm if she sees her guy hanging around with others.

Of course, not until she’s sure that the company is not a threat to the relationship.

Despite being partner-oriented, the Libra guy (like any other man) doesn't want nagging, more so smothering. He appreciates space and will love his Sagittarius girl more for honoring his preferences.

Meanwhile, a Sagittarius Woman is a free spirit. She may love some company like her Libra Man. But, she will not mind going solo if the circumstances dictate.

This is where the Libra man should be extra wary. He should remember not to hold the free-willed Sagittarius Girl in the palm of his hand.

Otherwise, he may start losing her Sagittarius woman instead of keeping her with him.

How they Make it Work

The Libra and Sagittarius pair must try to discover their preferences and acknowledge their differences. This is not very hard for the couple, though.

The Sagittarius woman, being born with an adaptable zodiac, knows how to compromise. In the same way, the Libra man spends effort in trying to understand others.

Together, a Libra man and a Sagittarius woman can live a life full of idealism, passion, and energy.

Important Traits of Libra Man in Relation to Sagittarius Woman

A Sagittarius woman falls in love quickly, but not if the love interest is not as quick-witted as she is. She has a positive outlook in life and knows how to have fun.

Thus, she'll find the following characteristics of a Libra Man appealing:


Everyone loves the smart guy. Who doesn't? For the Sagittarius girl, a bland and dull conversation is a deal-breaker in a relationship. Luckily, the Libra man can offer a lot more than that.

Being born with the air element, the Libra man is an intellectual being. Therefore, the Sagittarius woman can expect more mentally stimulating conversations with her Libra guy.


A Libra man is ruled by the planet Venus. That's why it is no wonder that this guy is a lover of beauty, too.

The Libra man is not lucky in the looks department alone. He also has a charming personality that any girl, including a Sagittarius woman, could fall in love with. 


A Sagittarius woman is a positive individual and will appreciate someone who walks the same road as she does.

Sure, a Sagittarius lady might show some negativities once in a while, but she can only take so much in the long run. This is why she’ll find the Virgo Man's pessimism overwhelming.

Instead, the Sagittarius girl will likely prefer the positive vibes that a Libra man can offer her.


Although not the most extroverted kind out of all the zodiacs, a Libra Man is a people person who loves the company of others.

The Sagittarius woman will not mind the Libra man's slight clinginess despite her independent nature. This is mainly because the Libra Man respects her freedom. Plus, there are only a few guys who can keep up with her geekiness.

The Libra man, despite his philosophical inclination, is an amiable person. He and the Sagittarius woman are not the types who will ditch their friends while being romantically involved.

Together, the Libra and Sagittarius pair can also be humanitarian, standing up for others, especially the disadvantaged.

Important Traits of Sagittarius Woman in Relation to Libra Man

Being ruled by the Planet Venus, a Libra Man knows the concept and idea of love too well. He could be the epitome of a perfect lover.

The ideal guy, however, has an ideal girl in mind, too. Here are the traits of the Sagittarius woman that will make the Libra man head over heels for her:


A Sagittarius woman is a smart girl who loves learning new things. She has wide knowledge about almost anything. She can talk about politics, religion, and even trivial things. Because of this, the Libra man who loves company will never get bored with her stories.

Her wit and her passion are what will attract the Libra guy the most.


A Sagittarius woman is also an adventurous soul, always seeking thrill and excitement. She could push the Libra man to be equally adventurous in terms of life decisions, career choices, and more.

The Libra man will love the kind of positive vibes this spontaneous girl will bring into his life. With her, there will be no dull moments. Just brighter days.


The Sagittarius woman is an idealist who upholds laws and morals, probably a little too much more than others. She has an opinion on things, and finds purpose by living up to her principles.

The Libra man, who is also an idealist, will find himself admiring the sense of purpose the Sagittarius woman has.


The Sagittarius woman is known to be a Good Samaritan. She loves helping others, although she might sometimes feel not appreciated for all her efforts. This is not true, though.

The Libra man values the compassion the Sagittarius woman has for others. Like the Sagittarius woman, the Libra guy also has humanitarian tendencies. He understands where the Sagittarius girl is coming from, and would love to share the same causes with his girl.

Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman Dating

Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman Dating

Both Libra man and Sagittarius woman are people-oriented individuals. This couple enjoys the company of their friends and would love meeting new people along the way.

Because of his diplomatic nature, the Libra man is considered as the most indecisive guy in the zodiac. When going on dates, he may not be able to suggest anything, much to the dismay of his date.

The Sagittarius woman is cool with these indecisive tendencies of her Libra man. Being the spontaneous girl that she is, she will go on almost anything fun and exciting dates. The Libra Man will love his Sagittarius woman for deciding for them.

The adventurous nature of the Sagittarius woman will have so much influence in the relationship. Because of this, you'll probably see the two hiking in the mountains, going on road trips without a plan, and trying extreme adventures. This couple seriously knows how to have fun.

When they're not on an outdoor adventure, they're probably somewhere visually and intellectually appealing. The Libra man knows how to appreciate beauty and art.

The Sagittarius woman, on the other hand, is a curious soul, always seeking new knowledge.

Thus, this couple's concept of a great date is probably something involving an art exhibit, a wine tasting event or an educational tour.

As they are both intelligent, this power couple can also talk about almost anything under the sun in one sitdown dinner. They will never run out of things to say or share, and this is one of the things they like in the relationship.

The Libra man and Sagittarius woman relationship is also an altruistic pair. Their sense of compassion for others is a common ground for them.

Hence, it is not impossible to spot the couple in medical missions or outreach activities. This couple will be willing to extend a helping hand to people who need it.

Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman Sexual Compatibility

The Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman's sex life is an exciting one.

Both of them are thrill-seekers. The Sagittarius woman is an explorer always willing to try different things, and her Libra man knows exactly what to do to satisfy his partner.

Being adventurous, the Libra-Sagittarius power couple will try different things during sex. This is the type who will likely explore intimidating sex positions or quirky toys during intercourse. They might even do their "thing" in a public place. All in the name of fun.

Unlike Cancer or Pisces, who prefer slow but intimate intercourse, a Libra man and a Sagittarius woman wouldn't mind fast and mind-blowing sex.

Both partners are neither emotional, too. They could be very playful in bed, and they surely know what pleasure is.

Interestingly, there is a tendency for this couple to talk a lot during intercourse. This might be a huge turnoff for some. After all, sexual intercourse, per se, is already a form of communication. But, for these power duo, mentally stimulating conversations are a means of strengthening their bond.

The Libra man and the Sagittarius woman couldn't be more right. Their conversation is sometimes a prelude to a much-needed pillow talk.

Since both of these zodiac signs are not emotional enough, the intimate exchange between the Sagittarius Woman and Libra Man during intercourse is an excellent opportunity to build their relationship.

Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman Relationships

Once the honeymoon stages are over, the Libra man and the Sagittarius woman will realize that it takes two to tango. Therefore, both of them must learn to capitalize on their strengths and compromise as the need arises.

Secret to Long Lasting Relationship

Although the two zodiacs have different interests and likes, the Libra guy and Sagittarius girl share the same zest for life. Whatever they do, the couple should enjoy their separate passions and interests together. This is what will keep things fun in the long run.

For example, the Sagittarius woman and Libra man can book a boutique hotel with a nice interior for their anniversary. The Libra man, being fond of fine things in life, will surely love this idea.

Likewise, the Sagittarius lady will be thrilled if you allot a day or two in the trip purely for spontaneity.

This will make the Sagittarius girl happy. Plus, they could use their impromptu day as a chance for them to have fun.

Managing Finances

While the Sagittarius girl and libra Man must ensure that both of their interests are covered in the relationship, the couple should also consider how they manage their money.

For those going steady, it is probably better to designate who will handle the finances. Among the two, the Sagittarius girl is usually the big spender while the Libra man is slightly better at handling money. (Just don’t let the Libra Man see luxury goods, of course. They might buy it on the spot.)

Resolving Conflicts

Give and take should be the theme of a Libra man - Sagittarius woman relationship. The Libra man is known for his diplomacy; and this peace-loving man will do anything to avoid conflict. 

Therefore, when misunderstandings arise, the Libra man might stay mum forever. Harboring pent-up feelings is not healthy, so, this guy must choose his battles wisely, instead of avoiding all of them at once.

Meanwhile, the Sagittarius lady loves to give intelligent pieces of advice. Her Libra man appreciates this of her, especially during significant life decisions. The problem, however, is this lady's stubbornness.

The Sagittarius girl will give away insightful thoughts, but will rarely take advice from others. That said, the Sagittarius lady should learn that a second opinion doesn't hurt, especially if this is coming from someone you trust.

Finally, trust can be an issue between a Libra man and a Sagittarius woman. The Sagittarius Woman can have changing likes and this may make her Libra Man anxious. To address this, the couple should build on their intimacy and sense of assurance in each other.

Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman Communication

Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman Communication

At the onset, the Libra man who knows the value of beauty and love may seem to be the answer to any girl's prayer. He will be a romantic and charming lover in the relationship.

The intellectual connection of the Libra man and Sagittarius woman is also undeniable. They could have meaningful discussions on various topics. They mighty even debate on politics and religion.

Eventually, however, the Libra man's partner will notice that he is not all out with his feelings. He is somehow disconnected from his emotions, making his partner feel that he maintains a slight distance in the relationship.

Miss Sagittarius should not worry about this. Having the "intellectual" nature of air-element zodiacs, it is normal for the Libra man to analyze feelings, rather than show them.

The Sagittarius lover should also realize that even though her partner is a good communicator, he struggles in the emotions department.

Since her lover is not as expressive in words, the Sagittarius girl should watch out for her Libra man's love language, instead. Being a fan of beautiful things, the Libra man may show his love in artsy ways such as a romantic poem, a love letter, or even a song.

Meanwhile, the Sagittarius girl is outspoken and, therefore, appreciates honesty. She can be very stubborn, and may not take the advice of her Libra man to heart.

If the Sagittarius girl refuses to listen, her Libra lover should just let her be. She is an independent spirit, after all. She knows what's best for her and will not want anyone telling her what to do.

For the relationship to grow and prosper, however, the Sagittarius girl should be more open-minded over time.

On the other hand, the Libra guy who tends to avoid conflicts must learn to address his indecisiveness. Although going for his Sagittarius partner's spontaneity is usually the best for the relationship, he should take his stand at times.

If the Libra man and Sagittarius woman can address their communication issues, they will be surprised at how their relationship can bring out the best of each other.

Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman Marriage and Family life

Married Life

While the Sagittarius Woman and Libra Man relationship is going strong, stepping up to the next level might be a little challenging for both of them.

Commitment can be an issue for the Libra man and the Sagittarius girl. Once the Libra man has figured it all out, he will ask his partner's hand in marriage.

The Sagittarius woman, on the other hand, no matter how much she loves her Libra man, might be hesitant. She has so many things going on in her life, and marriage, more so having kids, might limit her freedom.

The Libra man must assure this free spirited lady that she’ll not lose her much prized freedom in case they get married. After all, the Libra man could be the most supportive husband a Sagittarius woman could ever find.

In return, the Sagittarius lady must assure her Libra partner that she truly loves him. If she needs more time, she should tell him right away, including how much time she actually needs.

Miss Sagittarius should not keep her Libra man waiting for too long. Her man has a charming personality and any other girl will be willing to take him in anytime.

Once commitment issues have been settled, married life for this couple will be bliss and will be as exciting as their dating life.

The Sagittarius girl has a million ways of making their marriage fun, and the Libra man will always be willing to try new things with her.

Family Life

If the Libra man and Sagittarius woman decide to have kids, they will be the cool parents any child could ever want.

The family of a Libra man and a Sagittarius woman will always be on the go. You'll probably find them on a camping site in summer or a ski resort during the holidays.

The Sagittarius woman is likely the type of mother who will spoil her kids with novelty. She will fill her children's childhood with so many fun activities. She will even teach her kids to be adventurous as her, and not to be afraid to try.

On the other hand, the Libra man, although supportive of their children, will be the designated disciplinarian of the family. He will teach his kids with good manners.

Being fascinated with beautiful things, he'll make sure that his offspring will look their best outside their home, too. The dapper kid you see in school is probably the son of a Libra man.

Family life for the Sagittarius woman and Libra man will also be harmonious. Having a diplomatic nature, the Libra man will try to resolve conflicts that will come their way.

Meanwhile, the Sagittarius woman will provide her husband with insightful advice to keep their family.


A Libra man - Sagittarius woman relationship may not be purely based on emotions, but theirs is a promising one. This couple is up for anything. They are always set for life's greatest adventures, and the people around them will feel their zest for life.

No matter how fun the relationship of a Libra man and Sagittarius woman is, there will always be challenges along the way. But, if the two are willing to work things out, they are likely to have a relationship that will last a lifetime.

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