Libra Man & Scorpio Woman: Compatibility, Love, Sex, Relationships Guide

According to the stars, a Libra Man and a Scorpio Woman have a strong chance of creating a deep, spiritual bond. Both are intense, despite their marked differences: Libra being an air sign is loud and charming, while Scorpio flows as a water sign, mysterious and quiet. They both crave for a loyal match and a passionate one at that.

Libra Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility Rating

Libra Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility Rating

While these two signs can be passionate when they find something – or someone – they love, this is a match that requires a lot of work.

Libra is a masculine sign ruled by a feminine planet, Venus. So, Libra men are willing to get in touch with their feminine sides. However, they want to put everything in the open. They believe that everything can be discussed.

On the other hand, Scorpio is a feminine sign ruled by a masculine planet, Pluto. So, it looks like Scorpio is really at the other end of the spectrum. The primary problem may be that Scorpio disagrees with Libra in terms of keeping things in the open. She believes that she must keep her secrets. Scorpio is only interested in revealing her emotions so that she can get what she wants. It will take a lot of hard work to make the relationship work.

What do the stars say about this match?

If we rely on the characteristics of Libra and Scorpio alone, the two signs will not work out. Libra wants to stick to its equilibrium. Everything must be clear-cut and balanced. Nothing should be sticking out – and boy, things will stick out and go crazy with Scorpio around. It is not that Scorpio is disorganized. She is not. However, she feels everything so deeply that Libra is in for a rollercoaster of emotions. With Scorpio, it is all or nothing. So, calm and collected Libra must be willing to get things a little less perfect. 

On paper, it does not look that good for these two. However, if the two signs agree on what they want in the relationship, they are in for a spirited ride. 

Important Traits of Libra Man in Relation to a Scorpio Woman

A Libra man knows what women feel like. He is willing to get to know her. He needs every ounce of this drive because a Scorpio woman can also be every bit as mysterious. She will not tell him what she feels just because he asks. A Scorpio woman will express her feelings when she sees it fit - sometimes for downright manipulation. On the other hand, a Libra man may have excellent persuading skills, but he is not likely to openly manipulate anyone.

What does a Libra man have that will help him win a Scorpion Woman?

He is Romantic

A Libra man wears rose-colored glasses when he is in a relationship. He is more likely to flatter with words – and he is good at it. While other men may flatter with empty words, Libra has the intellect to make his words weigh more and can even wax poetic. He needs all the charm that he can muster to connect to the mysterious Scorpio.

He is Dedicated

When he finds someone he truly cares about. Scorpio is also looking for this type of connection. Both signs are looking for a lasting relationship.

He Likes Puzzles

Enough to take on the challenge that is a Scorpio woman. He will be willing to discover what the Scorpio woman has in mind. In turn, she likes mind games, as well.

He is a Fighter

This is something that he and a Scorpio woman have in common. If they want to make it work, they will.

He is Enthusiastic

He may just be able to muster enough enthusiasm for both him and his Scorpio partner. Scorpios can often be misunderstood as not being friendly because of their general quiet.

However, we should not forget that we are talking about a charmer. The Libra man sometimes has several dalliances. He may not meet to let some women expect anything more from him, but he is so good with flattery that more than one may have been deeply affected. If the Scorpio woman sees him in this way, she may not be that certain about whether he is a good match or not.

Important Traits of Scorpio Woman in Relation to a Libra Man

How about the Scorpio woman. There is no doubt that this sign is associated with the intensity and depth of feeling.

Scorpio women can be attractive to Libra men in that they are:

She is Intense and Powerful

This will attract the Libra man, who is quickly intrigued. He likes to figure out people, and the Scorpio woman just so happens to be a living, breathing puzzle.

She Longs for Intimacy

Libra men are looking for long-term relationships. So, this is a characteristic that he may like about her.

She is Hypnotic

Scorpio women who are beautiful are magnetic. Libra men are attracted to beauty. They will want to know more about a Scorpio woman. Because she is usually quiet and secretive, it is a good thing that she has something to pull him towards her.

She is Loyal

Libra men want commitment, and a Scorpio woman has a fierce loyalty that can keep them together. Scorpios have no problem making strong attachments to the ones that they fall in love with. They are there to cling and stay.

How would you make these characteristics work with a Libra man?

If you are a Scorpio woman, you may want to come out of your shell a little. Make your Libra man see that your silence is not due to shyness but more of a natural desire to be left alone by those you may think of as a nuisance. However, a Libra man who is truly smitten by you will be going your way, anyway.

Try not to be as intimidating as you usually can be. Do note, though, that your air of mystery intrigues a Libra man. So, you don’t have to become a flirty and false version of yourself. Make sure he knows that you take relationships seriously. He is not one to run away from commitment. However, do provide him with the encouragement he regularly needs. You can be your quiet self but not too quiet that you don’t give some assurance. 

Libra Man and Scorpio Woman Dating

Libra Man and Scorpio Woman Dating

Opposites do attract from time to time. The Libra man will have to make the first move here, at least on the surface. You, as the Scorpio woman, can make use of your natural wiles to attract him. He likes to talk. So, listen in and find out if you are genuinely interested. If you are, speak to him about topics that both of you like to talk about.

This is where he judges if he wants a woman for a more committed relationship. He likes intelligent conversation. He will be thrilled to know that, in your case, silent waters genuinely run deep.

A Libra Man and a Scorpio woman dating have a strong potential for passion and romance. It is like a fairy tale, but possibly with more sizzle. Libra is adaptable and understanding, which is something that Scorpio needs. Scorpio can be quite forceful, though, often bewildering the more straightforward Libra.

Libra Man and Scorpio Woman Sexual Compatibility

While Libra and Scorpio are not typically compatible with love, the action in bed can get downright exciting.

Your potential Libra man is adventurous in bed. So, yeah, the conversation can get a little awkward at times, like a forward and backward dance, but there is not much hesitation under the sheets. The Libra male likes to keep pushing and pulling information. He wants everything out in the open, after all. On the other hand, the Scorpio woman wants her secrets – and she is dominant and intense enough to get her way.

In the bedroom, though, things unravel for the better. Adventurous Libra meets up with the sexy Scorpio. Scorpio has some dark desires that may appeal to Libra. The intriguing prospect of giving in to his animalistic side just may make their sex life fun, exciting, and emotional. Libra must be ready to take that chance of expressing himself better. He is creative enough to meet Scorpio’s physical needs.

There is a danger to this, too. The combustive element in the sexual relationship may cause possessiveness and obsessiveness. At first, it may seem like fun, not getting enough of each other. After a while, though, Libra may want to come out for air. 

Libra Man and Scorpio Woman Relationship

For the relationship to work, there must be a spark from the very beginning. Otherwise, the two signs just do not match up communication-wise, for one. On the other extreme end, sex can be so intense that it can take them to dark places.

There is nothing lighthearted in the Libra Male-Scorpio Female matchup. The two can get too intense that their obsession with each other can take them to a depressed and dark state.

On the other hand, some people live for this kind of love. It is like a Romeo and Juliet passion. It is intense and quickly sets fire to themselves and everyone else in their wake. However, they can misconstrue all of these as the ultimate showcase of devotion. When they wake up from their passionate dream, they will realize that they have ignored some unresolved issues. They must also talk and find out what each wants.

Libra is always searching for the embodiment of life, which Scorpio can respond to with passion. Scorpio, on the other hand, craves for someone practical and sensual. Unfortunately, Libra may be limited to passionate conversations. He is more interested in what the mind has to offer. Even his lovemaking has a more creative slant, compared to Scorpio’s soul-melding one. The Libra man must sometimes let go of his deeper emotions and let them take the rein.

Libra Man and Scorpio Woman Communication

Libra Man and Scorpio Woman Communication

And we are back to this – the object of contention between the Libra Man and Scorpio woman. The Libra man wants to be open about everything under the sun. Objectively, that is great for relationships. However, Scorpio is against revealing everything about herself. She wants to be more reserved about what she wants. She is naturally mysterious.

If you are a Scorpio woman, you must at least discuss some of your thoughts with your Libra Man. If you are truly smitten, you may be more than willing to give it a little go. You will be more welcoming to the idea of discussing concepts with your special someone.

Beyond personal information, though, both signs want to dig deeper. They are not satisfied with surface answers. They will continue to investigate ideas, but with Scorpio doing so in a quieter but more intense way. Libras are more changeable, though. The decisive Scorpio may find this annoying.

Libra Man and Scorpio Woman Marriage and Family Life

Sometimes, this unlikely match finds itself further attached through marriage. The Libra Man and Scorpio woman can also start a family together.

Libra Man in Marriage 

At first glance, the Libra man is not the type to settle down. He has a tendency to be flirtatious with several women at one time. Does this mean he is not capable of long-term marriage?

No. That is not the case. The Libra Man is actually highly interested in committed relationships. However, once he has not seen anyone that can make him settle down, he is willing to explore. A Libra Man is highly attracted to beauty. So, he wants to flit from flower to flower; he does this not only because of sensual pleasures but also because of the thrill of conversation and appreciation of perfection.

The Libra Man is primarily interested in an intelligent discussion because he has long conversations as a predilection. If he finds someone that can make him stay long enough to discover her wonders, he will be more than willing to get tied down.

The Libra husband is charming as he always is in any other situation. He can be very generous. Smart and engaging, he can also be very observant. So, he will know that something is up with you, the Scorpio woman, even if you are at your extra mysterious. He wants someone who is as romantic as he. However, he can be quite self-centered, too. His love for beauty and material things can also be a dealbreaker if he gives himself into them.

Scorpio Woman in Marriage 

Then, there you are – the Scorpio woman. More likely, you are well attuned to your own character. You do have that fondness for self-examination because you have a lot of time to be quiet and look inwards.

As a wife, you are passionate and intense, just like you are in many aspects of your life. You want someone with whom you can share your emotions. Yes, you are secretive. With a spouse or a spouse material, though, you tend to express a lot of emotions. However, your future spouse has to be extra careful. You do tend to be demanding and controlling. You will more likely be a jealous wife with a strong tendency to be possessive.

You are the sort to not forgive a slight. So, cheating is a no-no. If your husband ever cheats on you, that is an automatic goodbye or a continuous living hell for both of you. Some cultures just tend to frown upon divorce, which will be a recipe for implosion in your case. On the other hand, if you are the wayward one, you will more likely throw yourself into the new passion. You are not the sort to dive into anything half-heartedly.

Libra Man and Scorpio Woman Together in Marriage

Romance is what could tie these two together. A Libra husband wants someone he can be romantic with. On the other hand, a Scorpio woman wants someone with whom she can be passionate. This is a total union of body and soul. If the two work together, they can make love bloom on many levels.

However, the two must realize that their interpretation of sensuality can be a little different. The Libra man can be attached to material things, while the Scorpio woman wants something more on the spiritual and physical body plane.

Both organized and driven, the two can work as tremendously successful partners. They can accomplish so much as a married couple because they are both not the sort to back down. When the two have each other’s backs, they can be a formidable force. Her charisma and his intellect can combine to make the marriage work.

What Can Go Wrong

When the romance part fizzles out, both signs will be better able to see each other’s faults and inadequacies.

Libra can get wishy-washy when he is not balanced. He does not know how to budget. Instead, the Libra man may get too caught up in his love for beauty and possessions. This can drive his Scorpio wife mad. She has the practical part down to pat. While she is emotionally more volatile on the surface, she is excellent at organizing the family budget.

Scorpio is generally very patient, just like the other water signs. However, she can explode into a fit of fiery anger when provoked. If Libra is not careful, he may find himself the object of regular resentment. She is not one to see things the other way unless a full-on argument ensues. It is up to the Libra to calm things down because he will not expect Scorpio to do it first. If she does, he may want to find out what is going on. Is she starting to give up on the relationship? Has she found something or someone else to get preoccupied with?

If you are a Scorpio woman who has some problems with her Libra husband, listen to him. Take deep breaths because you may find your temper getting hold of you. Give him a chance to say his peace. Then, see if you can objectively make a decision based on what he says.

Famous Libra Male and Scorpio Female Match Up

Jackson Brown and Joni Mitchell may not have ended on good terms, but theirs was a passionate romance. A Scorpio woman, Joni Mitchell, was very distraught about their breakup that she even attempted suicide in the 1970s. That was how far her emotions went to the dark side. She allegedly wrote an indicting song about Jackson Browne and songs about her other past lovers.

The Libra male and Scorpio female matchup can be romantic enough to give birth to love songs. However, it also has enough intensity to go on to the dark side. 


If you are a Scorpio woman in love with a Libra man, you can be assured that both of you are romantic enough to make dating fun and passionate. Keep the sizzle going, though, because this is a matchup that has the potential of dying a terrible death.

When it works, though, it really works. The matchup can provide intellectual conversations, a melding of body and soul, and balance. The balance comes from combining the intensity of Scorpio and the calmness of Libra. Both just have to learn how to understand each other. Scorpio must reveal more of herself and what she wants.

This way, Libra can make adjustments. He is good at that. Libra must also try to be more responsible and less fickle with the way he approaches material things. He must know how to read Scorpio well enough to provide her with the emotional support she needs. Meanwhile, she can give him a sense of practicality and realism.

In the end, the success of these two together relies on just how much they love each other. With love, both will make accommodations for the other. 

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