Libra Man & Virgo Woman: Compatibility, Love, Sex, Relationships Guide

According to the stars, a Libra Man and a Virgo Woman are not a match made in heaven. Well, nobody is discounting the possibility, but the pull between them can be more practical and nurturing than passionate and adventurous. So, yes, it can work, but it is not the stuff of romance novels – not all the time, anyway.

Libra Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility Rating

Libra Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility Rating

If you are a Virgo woman with your sights set on a Libra man, do not worry about the lukewarm reviews. Both signs are skilled at giving love a fighting chance. If you don’t mind cozier and more practical compatibility, you should have no problem settling in with a Libra man. You do have to fight through the differences because a Libra man is sociable and charming to your reserved and practical.

What do the stars say about this match?

The match is not perfect, but it is not impossible, either. The two signs have similar interests that can forge a stronger bond than what astrologers can predict. Both Virgos and Libras have a deep appreciation for practicality and pleasure, for example. However, these do not factor during initial encounters. You must be patient and get close to your Libra man for the two of you to better appreciate each other. 

Important Traits of Libra Man in Relation to a Virgo Woman

If your guy was born within the September 23 to October 22 period, you might want to get to know him better in this section.


The first thing you would have noticed is that he can charm anyone because of his ability to combine intelligence with flirtatiousness. At first, you may want to step back. After all, Virgo women are not too keen about playing the field. The honey-tongued Libra can be a little offputting, but he is smart enough to make you stay and listen. He can flatter you out of your shell, for sure, if you are interested in him.

Great Conversationalist

Libra men are also tactful. They can maneuver conversations to their advantage. However, their goal is not to manipulate but rather to communicate and bond with the other person. They will be thrilled to know that you have a lot to put on the table regarding topics and ideas.


So, you will be happy to know that they prefer the long haul while cautious about dipping their toes into relationships and partnerships. Those who get married are mostly successful because they like to weigh the various angles before jumping in.

There may not be immediate fire, but you will be happy to know that a Libra man values “forever.”

How do you appeal to a Libra Man as a Virgo woman?

  • Be less critical. Libra men can get easily hurt.
  • Look beyond the charm and talk. Understand the sensitivity and intelligence at work.
  • Take care of the Libra man without spoiling him.
  • Discuss ideas freely. Find similar interests that can connect the two of you.

Important Traits of Virgo Woman in Relation to a Libra Man

As a Virgo woman (born anytime from August 22 to September 22), you appreciate the charms of a Libra man. You need someone to coax you from your calm and reserved demeanor. The Libra man can undoubtedly pique your interest. There is something about finding your intellectual equal, but in a more extroverted, vocal package.

Virgo women can be attractive to Libra men in that they are:


A Libra man likes the fact that they can bounce ideas with a Virgo woman.

Serious in Relationships

Just like a Libra man, a Virgo woman is cautious. She wants to find someone she can be in a long relationship with. She is not a fan of flings.


While a Libra man likes being taken care of, he may just find his match in the efficient Virgo woman. Virgos are excellent in creating a work-life balance. Companies are thrilled to have someone capable and intelligent who also embodies a strong work ethic.

How would you make these characteristics work with a Libra man?

  • Reveal your intelligence through conversation, without shutting him down.
  • Subtly suggest that you like committed relationships.

Libra Man and Virgo Woman Dating

Libra Man and Virgo Woman Dating

A Libra man and a Virgo woman do not always stir the fire in each other. When they meet, they may politely acknowledge each other’s presence. However, their love for ideas may draw them together at some point.

At first, it may be a mutual sense of respect that will loop them in the same circles. For example, the Libra man’s charm and the Virgo woman’s intellect can create an excellent working partnership. Respect can grow into something more profound, especially if one cannot find the same stirring ideas from somebody else.

While there is no natural chemistry between a Libra man and a Virgo woman, the partnership becomes something more if the two realize that they are both gunning for the same commitment. The practicality of the match may eventually awaken something in both.

On the other hand, the combination can also open up a different scenario. The Libra man may be enchanted by the mystery offered by the Virgo woman. Because he has a glib tongue, he is not against dishing up flattery to the Virgo. So, both end up feeling as if they are in a fairy tale in the beginning.

Mind you, it is more of an intellectual stirring. Their minds are whirring, seeing how they look and act great together. The passions can follow later. However, if these are based on the more superficial characteristics of the two signs, the fire can easily be quenched.

Libra Man and Virgo Woman Sexual Compatibility

Fireworks are unlikely in bed between the charming Libra man and the reserved Virgo woman. Everything seems preconceived and composed. Both may be overthinking it a bit at first, not wanting to offend the other. So, it feels all too technical and planned.

How is this the case?


The Libra man is in constant search of a perfect type of beauty. He may be tactful and gentlemanly enough not to say a thing, but he may be guilty of critiquing a woman’s beauty deep inside. He must stop clinically analyzing her and start giving in to his senses.

Virgo, on the other hand, can get too self-conscious, not realizing that she has a natural penchant for seduction. Virgo the Virgin, after all, is not necessarily a prude. She is just reserved and used to letting her intellect, instead of wiles, taking action. She also has a tendency to be scathing in her critique, possibly scaring off the Libra man.

On a positive note, the two are so busy thinking about pleasing the other that sex is designed to be soothing and satisfying. Neither is selfish enough to focus on his/her own self-gratification.

Be wary, though. The Libra man can be sexually creative. A Virgo woman can shrink away from this sense of adventure. A less intuitive (and possibly not so in love) Libra man will also compare you to his past conquests. He may suggest positions that he has enjoyed with other women, which will offend you and make you rush the other way. If he is always this brash, you may be justified in doing so.

A Libra man who is in love with you will, however, take his experience and creativity to make sure he pleases you.

How can you – a Virgo woman – improve your sex life with your Libra man?

  • Be honest with what you want without being confrontational or mean. You won’t have a problem with him. He will tell you what he likes in bed.
  • Be more adventurous. Trust him to take the lead because he can get very creative.
  • As a Virgo, you are naturally excited about making love. Show it. If you care about your Libra guy, you must shed some of your reservations. 

While the original sexual compatibility between the two of you may not be steamy and could be mild at best, the two of you can get around that. Both of you are perceptive enough. So, you can communicate what makes you tick under the sheets.

Libra Man and Virgo Woman Relationships

Libra Man and Virgo Woman Relationships

As mentioned earlier, a Libra man and a Virgo woman may not create a fiery relationship. Some people may even say that the combination is incompatible and may require compromise to make it work.

And it is true: think about the straightforward way a Virgo woman delivers her truth, hitting the Libra man, who gets sensitive when it comes to what he perceives as corrections.

Both of them like stability, but it is not quickly apparent. The Virgo woman may be put off by the Libra man’s charms and think him fickle. On the other hand, the Libra man may feel the Virgo woman not up to whatever adventures he has in mind.

What Can Help the Two Forge a Healthy Relationship?

A love match can still save the relationship between sensitive and outgoing Libra, and reserved and pragmatic Virgo. Both have to make adjustments to bridge the gap between them.

The Libra Man has to go beyond the reserved Virgo exterior. He must focus on her wit and ability to add interesting concepts into the conversation. A Libra man should also understand that she is not that comfortable in social settings. So, he must find a way to simmer down with her at home or in cozier setups. If you find a Libra man who is trying to compromise in this way, you will know that he will make it work if you also take some of the brunt of the relationship.

As a Virgo woman, you must understand that while the Libra Man is not overly sensitive like some signs, you can be quite scathing with your criticism. Hold your comments in check. This does not mean you must keep all your thoughts hidden. Just opt for a kinder way of putting in a word.

When you are kind in your way of offering criticism, your Libra Man may actually be more perceptive. He likes constructive criticism, especially if he feels it is a way to care for the relationship. He enjoys being taken care of. The Libra Man is also looking for a nurturing and lasting relationship. So, you must make sure that you can get the warmth of your love across, rather than an icy exterior.

So, the relationship should work just as any romantic partnerships go: with compromise and empathy for what the other is feeling. 

Libra Man and Virgo Woman Communication

The worst that can happen between the two is if both Libra and Virgo decide to clam up and not say anything. You are reserved. So, you may have a tendency to not say a lot of what you actually feel. So, your Libra Man will not know what is bothering you.

This will, in turn, upset him, too. When a Libra Man is concerned, he also keeps to himself. Imagine if both of you have decided to keep quiet about your issues. There will be no communication.

Communication should be the strength of your relationship. You have so many ideas to put on the table, and your Libra man is an excellent conversationalist. That should get things going. Strengthen the flow of ideas to solidify your relationship.

The Libra Man and Virgo woman tandem have some of the best opportunities to make communication work well.

Indeed, the Libra man likes being surrounded by more people, while a Virgo woman likes being productive on the sidelines. They are seemingly opposites who can work better on their own turfs. However, they can also work together well if they don’t let all the differences get them.


Both signs enjoy educating and being educated. They will love going out in theaters together. The Libra man likes to understand relationships as closely as possible despite the noise that he surrounds himself with. Meanwhile, the Virgo woman analyzes people. Both can study each other and see the best and prepare to breach the distance.

If you go past the external differences, the two signs are perfect complements. You, as a Virgo, do not express much of what you feel. Your Libra man can intuit what you are feeling. So, he can come to your “rescue” without you asking for help. Efficient “you” just won’t allow you to do it.

Libra Man and Virgo Woman Marriage and Family Life

When a Libra Man and Virgo Woman beat all odds together, they have the chance to become great examples in the society they are moving in. As a married couple, they can be pillars of the community.

Libra Man in Marriage 

The Libra Man may start off being charming, loud, and more likely attractive. He will make use of these traits to their best potential as a young man. However, your Libra Man is very loyal and devoted when he does reach a point of committing.

While he still manages a small slice of social life, you will find a Libra man comfortable enough to be mostly at home. He is very caring as a parent. So, it is not a surprise that his kids will simply adore him.

A Libra Man is also respectful as a husband. He is likely to step back during an argument, producing a calming effect.

So, the marriage between you – a Virgo woman - and a Libra man is a pretty good idea. Commitment allows the two of you to communicate more and better. This helps establish a better and enduring relationship, wherein both of you have managed to get past your differences.

Virgo Woman in Marriage 

While the Libra man can certainly temper his desire to socialize, you, as the Virgo woman, are the one that leads the marriage. You organize the household and discipline the children. Your pragmatism and organization help you manage family life with ease. Don’t worry: your Libra husband will appreciate it. After all, he likes being taken care of – and that is something you are highly capable of doing.

Libra Man and Virgo Woman Together in Marriage

If these two end up in marriage, it means that they have already jumped over so many hurdles. They are very different. So, if they commit, it means they really want to be in that committed relationship. Marriage is a huge step that Libras and Virgos do not just take for the heck of it. They are both serious about being in monogamous and lasting relationships. Both have been looking for the One.

Both Libra and Virgo tend to overthink. This can lead to problems, as the two end up simultaneously seeing the best and worst of their marriage. However, if they do find a way to talk about their thoughts, they can make it work. After all, both signs are good at communication. They just need to work as partners and discuss what must be done in the marriage.

Together, they are great parents who end up with well-behaved kids. This is because dad has the charm to make childhood fun, while mom is organized and gives the kids exactly what they need when they need it.

What Can Go Wrong

In a Libra Male-Virgo Female love match, a lot is riding on the Virgo’s feelings – your feelings. If you find yourself in an imbalance, you may find the whole family setup crashing down. You are basically in charge of how the family setup works.

However, your feelings may be affected by what your Libra spouse is up to. A less devoted Libra will find himself swayed to wander instead of sticking around in the house. The practical Virgo in you will not understand why he would need to be out there while you take care of everything.

Again, here is an opportunity for the two of you to communicate to see what is going wrong. Perhaps he just wants a little freedom, a day out with his friends. He is fair enough to know when he must also contribute to the family structure. Talk it out to see what arrangement you can make.

Both Libras and Virgos are perfectionists. Careful planning just may help both of them at ease. Both are willing to strive hard to make a relationship work.

Famous Libra Male and Virgo Female Match Up

Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith are a famous example of this relationship. It can work. The two have been together for years. You will definitely see the Libra charm in Will Smith and the almost-strict, reserved demeanor in Jada Pinkett-Smith. Though their marriage is not precisely smooth-sailing at the moment, they have enjoyed several years of happy family life and child-rearing together.


The Libra Male and Virgo Female matchup is not typical. Most people will say that this is an incompatible match. They are mostly right because these two signs are just too different. When these two meet for the first time, there may not be a perceivable sizzle. However, given time and opportunity, the two will appreciate each other’s ability to communicate. The Libra Male has the tongue for it, and the Virgo Female has the intellect to hold the conversation.

Time and dedication will steer this matchup to greater heights. You must never let each other stay alone for too long because both of you have a tendency to overthink. When the going gets tough, you two must find a way to communicate better.

Through hard work, perseverance, and true love, the Libra Man and the Virgo Woman can find ways to make the relationship work. They are fun and responsible parents when they decide to support each other, taking the best out of each other to do the work. Their sense of perfection requires constant communication so that a solid plan can be established.

So, are you a Virgo woman falling for a Libra man? It may be discouraging at first. However, your interest in discussing ideas and long-term relationships can save the day. Be more open to your Libra man. You’d be surprised at how he is willing to adapt.

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