What a Libra Man Wants in a Woman

A Libra man, when in love, will move heaven and earth just to make his partner happy. In fact, he’ll swoon her until he wins her heart.

Since a Libra man is ruled by Venus, he is naturally romantic and often very responsive. He also knows exactly what to do to make his lady at ease.

He will only be seriously committed, however, to a woman whom he thinks is right for him. He has a very particular taste when it comes to the gal that he will devote his time with.

Class and Elegance

What a Libra Man Wants in a Woman - Class and Elegance

It’s all about appearance, when it comes to dating a Libra man.

He likes to dress up whenever he goes out, so it only makes sense that the woman walking beside him will also look the part. It does not matter what kind of style you prefer as long as you look your absolute best. Thus, you don’t have to wear expensive clothes or heavy makeup—you only need to make sure that your hair is flawless and you’re wearing something tidy and appealing.

Although he prefers you looking like a million bucks when you’re out with him, he’ll let you be yourself at home. You may then sit around in your pajamas while watching television. However, when you both decide to buy some snacks, make sure that you look presentable.

The way you carry yourself matters to him, too. Be confident and act like the queen that you are.

Intelligence and Humor

Wit and intelligence run through a Libra man’s veins. A woman who does not possess these qualities may not appear appealing to him because he wants someone whom he can relate to.

A Libra man will also make sure that he can make his partner laugh. He would then appreciate someone who has the same humor as him.

Impress a Libra man by showing how smart, independent, and funny you are. He wants someone he can have a decent conversation with and not just an empty shell.

Compliments Giver

A Libra man wants to feel important and adored. He also needs to receive compliments and attention to make himself feel desired. Note that he may appear a bit self-centered at times, but he’ll also make sure that you’ll get the best in life, if you just show him how much he means to you.

Be appreciative, and your Libra man will definitely return the favor.

Patient and Calm

What a Libra Man Wants in a Woman - Patient and Calm

Avoid dramatic situations when dating a Libra man. He will not most likely be attracted to someone who always initiates fights over something trivial. He also doesn’t like to be criticized and yelled at as if he is a little kid.

Stay calm and patient. Talking to a Libra man can be challenging, especially if you are not on the same page.

One of the downsides of dating a Libra man is his inability to take criticisms. Even if you are only trying to suggest something, he might start thinking that you are personally attacking his choices or decisions.

A Libra man needs to be with a woman who can keep peace without being too emotional.

Mysterious and Spontaneous

Being an open book won’t help attract a Libra man. He prefers someone who is mysterious. Plus, he wants to get to know you gradually over time. Share things to him but do not tell him everything up front.

You may also try telling him things spontaneously instead of overthinking what and when to say your thoughts. It makes you look more interesting in his eyes, especially when you randomly send him messages to brighten his day.

A Libra man is very thoughtful, especially if he thinks that you are paying attention to him. Be sweet and gentle, without losing your magic.

Honesty and Loyalty

You can call a Libra man a human lie detector. He can smell lies from a mile away. He cannot tolerate someone who lies to his face, so it will be best if you keep things real with him. Doing so will help establish a good foundation in your relationship.

Although a Libra man tends to be flirtatious, he would be completely loyal to the woman he wants to keep. It will then be a deal-breaker for him if you appear to be a coy. Like any other signs, he wants to feel secure with his partner.

Note that loyalty is a big deal for a Libra man. It takes time for him to decide whether it’s time to be in a serious romantic relationship with him, so he wants to be reassured that his partner sees only him.

If you ever cheat on a Libra man, it will scar him for life. It may also trigger trust issues.


What a Libra Man Wants in a Woman - Romantic

A Libra man who has fallen head over heels for a woman he’s truly interested in won’t hesitate to be romantic. He knows what can make his partner’s heart flutter.

Romance, however, should come from both sides. You need to work hand in hand with him. A Libra man would be happy to be with someone who can pull out surprises or flirts around with him.

Do not make him feel like he’s the only one who’s trying to keep the sparks alive.


Elegance mixes well with maturity. It is something a Libra man looks for in a woman he would like to spend his forever with.

A Libra man would avoid, at all cost, a drama queen who likes to play the victim, even if she is wrong. He wants to be with someone who is understanding and would keep her cool even during stressful situations.

If you want to keep a Libra man, you should be the kind of woman who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. Being a goal-driven woman is something a Libra man can’t resist because he wants to be able to grow with a partner who has ambitions in life.


While it may sometimes be difficult to understand a Libra man, he is someone you would want to be with. However, you need to be someone whom he can emotionally and intellectually connect to.

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