When a Libra Man Goes Quiet

Libra men are generally emotional and romantic when it comes to matters of the heart. Although they tend to have a shallow and luxury-driven mindset, they always put their partner’s happiness above all.

However, there are many reasons a Libra man may start acting cold or distant all of a sudden, despite his forgiving and loving nature.

He Is Not Happy with You

When a Libra Man Goes Quiet - He Is Not Happy with You

Think of the most recent things that could have made your Libra man unhappy. He is probably giving you a silent treatment because you did something that he did not personally like. It would be best to trace your actions and apologize.

Note that a Libra man, when in love, can be very understanding, so saying that you’re sorry may do the trick. Show your sincerity and tell him that you are willing to compromise.

You should also observe how he’s feeling. He may no longer feel the same way towards your relationship. Pay attention to who he is hanging out with, just so that you can be reassured that his feelings have not changed yet.

In case he is already falling out of love, let him go. It might sound extreme, but it’s better to free yourself from someone who no longer feels strongly for you. 

He is Already in Love

It’s true that a Libra can be flirtatious. However, when he is already deeply emotionally attached to someone else, he may end up ignoring other women. He tends to prioritize his lady and wouldn’t risk losing her for some misunderstanding.

In this case, it would be best to just let him be. His heart is probably already captivated by someone he truly loves.

He is Disturbed

A Libra guy is a peace-loving individual, who would try to avoid any stressful things at all cost. He prefers keeping everything cool rather than being in a constant battle.

Thus, if he feels like you are disturbing his peace of mind, he may start ignoring you, without second thoughts.

Being ignored by a Libra man can be hurtful, especially if you have been spending quite some time with him. But, giving him the benefit of the doubt; he may be having a difficult time.

Patience is key, when a Libra guy becomes distant. You may need to give him space to think things through. You must also avoid being too confrontational. Show your emotions without making him feel guilty.

Poor Communication Network

When a Libra Man Goes Quiet - Poor Communication Network

For your relationship with a Libra man to flourish, you both need to communicate well.

A Libra man thinks that establishing a good communication line is a must, since he is very open to long and interesting conversations with his lady love. If he begins to feel like his efforts are not reciprocated, he may start being more reserved and quiet.

Remember that a Libra man focuses on the details, which means he will notice even the slightest changes in your attitude or body language.

If confronted with this situation, it’s best not to directly ask him why he is acting cold. Think of the past conversations you had with him and try to show that everything he says matters to you.

If You Are Violent or Aggressive

Air signs, like a Libra man, are emotional beings. He is, however, a bit hard to decode, especially if you are not very aware of your actions.

Indeed, violence is a big no-no for a Libra man. Thus, expressing aggression and anger may turn him off.

To effectively deal with a Libra man, you must portray yourself as a peace-loving person. Otherwise, your communication may be severed and your Libra man may try to avoid you as much as he can.

A Libra man is someone who enjoys having a good time. If you keep on bickering, he will find you less attractive.

Being a little bit bubblier may help, especially if he is not being talkative. You may start blurting out some humor, making him a lot more comfortable around you. He’ll feel instantly better when you show him that you two can have some fun together.

Don’t overdo the talking, however, especially if he is quite serious. Try to listen to him when he starts opening up again.

He Dislikes Your Habit

If a Libra man suddenly ignores you, he may have discovered something about you that does not suit his taste. For instance, he may not like you for partying, drinking, smoking, or reckless spending.

While nobody is perfect, he may find these things as toxic habits that are inconvenient and disturbing.

It’s also worth mentioning that a Libra man is not into direct and open confrontation. He may try to ignore you just to get his point across you.

At this point, you may start asking yourself if the things he finds disturbing about you is something you can give up. If not, it will be best to part ways with him to avoid further problems along the way.

He Thinks You Are Too Good for Him

A Libra man may feel a bit insecure if he thinks that you are unattainable. It may sound like a lame excuse, but it does happen. He tends to self-pity, most especially when you appear as someone attractive for many people. He will avoid disappointing himself by keeping his distance from you.

What can you do when he starts pulling away?

Showing him genuine love and interest may turn things around. When he feels like he is worthy of you as a person, he will try to get closer to you as much as he can. 

You Guys Are Different

When a Libra Man Goes Quiet - You Guys Are Different

In any relationship, it is important to look for someone who compliments your personality and goals. A Libra man does not like feeling out of place, so if he finds out that both of you have irreconcilable differences, he’ll most likely cut all lines of communication.

It’s not that he does not find you interesting; he just feels like you two won’t work out because of being too different.


A Libra man wants to be with someone who matches his views and gives him peace. If he ignores you for a long time, it may be good to not force him to communicate with you. Give him time to think things through and if he really likes to be around you, he’ll surely come to his senses sooner rather than later.

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