When A Libra Man is Mad at You

Disagreements and quarrels between lovers are inevitable. They are part of your journey as a couple. Arguments will occur, and certain decisions will have to be made. There are days when you just find yourself standing at the crossroads, so to speak.

In this article, I am going to tell you the tell-tale signs and tips that are useful and relevant when your Libra man is mad at you.

He Gets Passive-Aggressive

When A Libra Man is Mad at You - He Gets Passive-Aggressive

Your Libra man won’t just tell you that he’s mad at you. He will not let you know that there is something he is mad at you about. He is highly sensitive towards the feelings of others and he expects everyone around him to also have that level of sensitivity.

Since he always easily figures out when someone is upset, he would think that you could also easily tell when he’s feeling off even without saying it straight to your face.

If he is acting strange and a little agitated, it could be because he is mad at you or somebody else. Once you realize it, act upon it and try to comfort him. Ask him what the cause of his anger is in a calm manner.

Arguments with a Libra man could be much more complicated and terrible than with the other signs since he is known to be intelligent and neutral. It would sometimes be hard for you to tell whether he is upset or not for he will not let his emotions overpower his logic. If you have been faithfully adhering to astrology, I bet you know this already.

He Won't Confront the Source

A Libra man is not a confrontational type of person. He may be a good listener but his thoughts and feelings are not always accessible. He is unlikely to come to you and just blurt out his problems with you.

He would rather talk about it with other people than be upfront with you about the matter. There is a strong chance that you would hear it from somebody else close to him; it could be a friend or a relative.

It may seem as though he is bad-mouthing you but know that it is his way to somehow lighten his load. This is the part where you approach him and talk about your issues and try to resolve them.

He Tries to See All Perspectives

Since it is a no-brainer that your Libra man is a firm believer in having to keep everything in balance, expect him to have gone through a logical process before actually getting mad at you.

He weighs all courses of action before coming up with a decision. Best believe he has tried to see things from your point of view before deciding that it is just right to get mad at you. So when he does get mad at you, also try to understand first where he is coming from before giving any reactions.

He Fights His Feelings

When A Libra Man is Mad at You - He Fights His Feelings

Your Libra man does not take bottled up emotions and hatred comfortably but still does for the sake of others. He would never want to cause unnecessary and excessive drama.

He does his best to control or hide his emotions no matter how strong they are. If he could endure it, he definitely would.

When he finally decides to release his frustrations and anger in his own way, it just means you have already tipped him over the edge.

He Seeks Revenge

If you think dating a sign that has an undying love for balance and fairness is all good, think again. Because of this astrological fact, it can be said that Libra is one of the most vengeful signs.

Once you do him wrong, be prepared to be wronged as well in the future.

On a lighter note, he lets small things go. He wouldn’t mind if you forgot to water the plants or feed the dogs. But when it comes to something really terrible like cheating, it is in no way he would let it pass.

He Gets Angry Rarely, But Forcefully

Being patient is one of the most notable traits of a Libra man. He does not easily get upset over little things. He rarely gets mad even with large matters, but when he does get angry, he gets really angry.

His fury does not come often but when it does come, it arrives stronger than a hurricane. The best thing you could do is give him some space and once he’s calm, comfort him and make him feel that you truly care for him. 

He Fights For Others, Not Himself

When A Libra Man is Mad at You - He Fights For Others, Not Himself

Yes, I told you that your Libra man is not the confrontational type. However, this does not include circumstances where he gets mad because of something that has happened to people who are dear to him.

He cannot stick up for himself but he will surely stand up for you when you need him. He just really finds it easier to protect others than defend himself.

He Seeks Comfort From Loved Ones

A Libra man would want a partner who is as level-headed as he is. When he is upset, he needs some positive energy from his loved ones. He finds it most comforting to vent his frustrations to people he truly trusts such as you.

Instead of freaking out or getting too worked up on his problems, show him that you are staying calm and that you will just be by his side whenever he needs you. Your concern is what he needs most during tough times.


When your Libra man gets mad at you, remember that it is his emotional state to blame, not him as a person or as a lover. Misunderstandings will always occur at many points in your life as a couple. Do not let them stand in the way of having a beautiful life together.

Treat his anger with kindness and patience without sacrificing your own peace of mind. Strengthen the connection between you and your Libra man with the love and respect you have for each other. Remind yourself that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

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